Watch this Passionate Music Video ‘STAY TRUE’ by Renowned Artist Playyboi Pudd

Playyboi Pudd x Shydidit


(Your digital wall Editorial):- Camden, May 16, 2019 ( – Playyboi Pudd is one of the renowned music artists in the music world. She started writing music at the age of 14 but now he started taking quite serious. His music is powerful and influential. It ranges from a bunch of different from love to hate. His tracks are produced under ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB, ENT. The main subject matter is different from time to time; it reflects love and hate, as well as jealousy and relationship. Homeless people, broken hearts, and millionaires inspire him to compose music. He will soon drop his EP soon which is ‘Be Art, It’s Endless’. Playyboi Pudd & Shydidit’s music video STAY TRUEhas a clear blend of hip-hop and R&B music. Everything in this music video sounds professionally crisp. The beat in the track is unusually light and the backdrop in the track is calming and effective. The whole thing in the track is stunning and creates a dreamlike ambiance. The track has impressive melodic development and completely refreshing instrumental set-up. From the starting moment, the vocal work grabs the attention of the listeners till the end.

The melody line in Playyboi Pudd & Shydidit’s music video ‘STAY TRUE’ is superb and it keeps the track structurally interesting. His creativity in the music video rains down on the audience in a beautiful way. The instrumental work along with the lyrics that he wrote kept the audience entertained. At every step, the music video is passionate and powerful.  The voice in the track ‘STAY TRUE’ is strong and expressive. The heartfelt and intimate performance in the track has a superb melody line. There are certain moments in the track that are expressed in an impressive way. The continuous change in the track keeps the things structurally interesting.

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The lyrics and voice together in Playyboi Pudd & Shydidit’s music video ‘STAY TRUE’ highlight its underlying sentiments as well as the energy in every possible way. The intensity in his track keeps on rising as the track progresses. The underlying sentiments in the track ‘STAY TRUE’ are really presented in a beautiful way. The soundscape in the track is colorful but melancholic and reflective as a whole. The song hook works really well to resolve everything. If you are looking for his other music video then you must tune to the popular videos streaming site YouTube. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates about his upcoming events and music.

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