Jeffery Leving Saves Chicago Dad from Jail for Child Support He Did Not Owe

(Your digital wall Editorial):- Chicago, May 22, 2019 ( – Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving will explain how he saved a Chicago dad from jail time for child support arrearages that he did not owe, Saturday, May 25 on Power 92.3 FM and at 9:00 a.m. CDT.

A Chicago dad, who is very involved in his two young children’s lives, represented himself in his divorce and was ordered to pay child support. According to the Court Order, the support payments should have been deducted from his paycheck by his employer and sent to the State. However, due to a clerical error, this was never done, causing a bureaucratic nightmare for dad. Instead of the payments being automatically deducted, dad made his payments directly to the mother. Dad did everything right – he paid all child support due on time. However, because his payments were made directly to the mother and not the State, the State’s records showed that he had never paid any child support, which was not true.

Dad thought he had saved all the documents that showed he paid the mother through money orders. At some point, however, he realized he had lost evidence of thousands of dollars’ worth of payments. Even though he already paid everything he owed, without proof, he figured the State would falsely claim he owed thousands of dollars. He was terrified that the State would suspend his driver’s license and have him thrown in jail.

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Desperate, dad sought help from Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving. Leving put together a legal team, led by attorney Michael Ochoa.

“No father should have to fear to lose his liberty because of a governmental record-keeping error,” said Leving.

The Leving Legal Team requested that the Court determine that dad had a zero child support arrearage, despite the lack of documentary evidence. Without such evidence, the Leving Legal Team had an uphill battle to convince the Court that dad had, in fact, made all of his child support payments without proof. Due to the Leving Team’s strategy and passionate arguments in Court, the Judge agreed with Leving and entered a zero arrearage order. Now, dad can rest easy, knowing he is not at risk of losing his driver’s license and being thrown in jail for not paying child support, even though he lacked evidence of payment.

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