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(Your digital wall Editorial):- Miami, May 23, 2019 ( – The viral and trendy Instagram page “The Facts Pro” which is one of the main sources of information, facts and viral news for the youngsters these days on Instagram is a well-known name amongst youth but how many of you know the founder Gopal Dutt?

Today we will tell you the person Gopal Dutt who is the reason behind the awesome interesting facts and trivia that is being shared on The Facts Pro. We all love reading weird facts, trivia and real-life incident that are extraordinary but there is always confusion and doubt in our minds that is the information and facts are true or fake? Because sometimes some things, incident are too good to be true and there is a high possibility that a fake fact or news is just bouncing around the internet from one place to another without authenticity.

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Gopal Dutt the founder of The Facts Pro is an engineering student who always wanted to create a platform where he can share the information and news in a very creative and entertaining way and he thought of mixing the education and entertainment together to present in such an intrusting way that it is easily memorable. He also wanted to make sure that the content stays authentic, true and based on facts.

And that’s how The Fact Pro came into existence.

Gopal Dutt a young student despite being busy in his studies started off this page and then he started to explore the internet for the valid and interesting trivia and facts for the content. Gopal let alone in his spare time would search and authenticate the information over the internet and then create the content for posting. The starting period was pretty tough to manage because Gopal had his studies and he also used to do Gymnastic. It was tough for him to manage the time between his studies, sport and this page. As always happens in every initial stage of everything Gopal too didn’t get enough attention but this didn’t break the spirit or will of Gopal. He had faith in his idea and he was passionate about it.

Gopal Dutta’s belief and hard work eventually started to show the positive results and The Fact Pro page started to grow rapidly and took a huge boost. The Fact Pro now currently has more than 860k+ followers and currently one of the leading facts /trivia/news page on Instagram.

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