The Music Band Honey Made Brings their own Style and Techniques through their Compositions

Honey Made

(Your digital wall Editorial):- Austin, Jun 26, 2019 ( – The music band Honey Made is a trending subject in the music biz owing to their versatile style and hypnotic creations. However, the band had gone over several changes before it becomes the renowned Honey Made that has got everyone intrigued by their music. This Music Band from Texas  Honey Made was previously known as Mama K & The shades which were later changed into Honey Made after he intriguing Kelsey Garcia who was also known as Mama K decided to leave. The band still continues t be inspired by the founding member David McKnight, and it was he who gave the band its new name.

Currently some of the members of the band are Willie Barnes, Vocals; David Thacker, Keys; Elliot Liebman, Guitar; Lee Braverman, Bass; Chris Barnes, Drums & Vocals; Wesley Gonzales, Percussion; Dustin Hunter and many more and together they are responsible for the new creations like ‘Perfect Getaway, ‘Do Ya‘, ‘Like A Fool‘, and ‘Love Machine‘ . It is the intriguing melodious tunes that Honey Made offers it the audience for which it is immensely popular among the young crowd of this generation.  Honey Made also attended the festival circuit on the year 2016 playing at the Texas Reds’, Old Pecan Street, two official 2017 SXSW showcases, and toured the marvellous places of Texas and Colorado.

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The music band Honey Made also shard the stages with some of the renowned artists like George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic at The Empire Control room etc. The band has also played in the presence if some evergreen singers such as Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, The Motet, Lee Fields, Roxy Roca and Flow Tribe and many more. Honey Made is expected to release two new singles on the month of June 2019 titled ‘Do Ya’ and ‘Perfect Getaway’. You can connect with the band through Twitter and Instagram.

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Perfect Getaway by Honey MadeDo Ya by Honey Made

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