Increase your NYC Home Office Potential with GiGstreem Premium Internet Services

(Your digital wall Editorial):- New York City, Jul 9, 2019 ( – The ‘gig economy’ is one of the fastest growing trends in the job market. Employers are now hiring remote workers: Independent contractors, freelancer, telecommuting, and flexible jobs to get jobs done faster, often with less expense than an in-house employee. Even high-level executives need to work away from the office more frequently than in the past. It is important to have a fast, reliable internet service to maintain a connection to the physical office.

What is GiGstreem?

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GiGstreem is an internet service provider that provides a lightning fast internet connection. They have operated in the New York area since 2016. Today they provide internet services to residential and business complexes in and around Manhattan.

What Services Does GiGstreem Provide That Others Do Not?

GiGstreem uses a hybrid micro/fiber connection. This enhancement on a standard fiber connection enables users to experience an internet connection that exceeds the competition. GiGstreem customers can expect:

  • Low Latency – A Micro/fiber connection clears internet traffic and minimizes the hops between the user and the internet, creating a super-fast internet experience.
  • Symmetry -GiGstreem offers four symmetric speed options; 150Mb x 150Mb, 400Mb x 400Mb, 1GiG x 1GiG, and 10GiG x 10GiG. We are the only ISP to offer 10GIG service.
  • Redundant Network -If one path experiences an outage or a slowdown, the backup kicks in without you even knowing it occurred.
  • Concierge Services -GiGstreem has representatives that are dedicated to each property and are available 24/7.


GiGstreem for Your NYC Home Office

We understand your job may require you to work from multiple or off-site locations; sometimes, a home office is your best option. To ensure you have the right connection that can handle your workload and maintain the security of your IT department demands, you need a reliable network that meets the demand of the growing work-from-home trend.

GiGstreem has been providing internet services to the NYC area for over a decade. Whether you are the CEO of a global corporation, office staff needing to take some tasks home, or a freelancer bidding for your next job, GiGstreem residential services can make your home office your go-to location.


GiGstreem Internet Ready Properties:

GiGstreem has seven properties that it now serves in the NYC area. The buildings that are internet ready are:

GiGstreem also serves the following three premium properties with all but 10GiG service:

  • Mercedes house
  • Modera Parsippany
  • The Thread

New York residents, you now have an option for fast, reliable, and affordable internet service with GiGstreem. To learn more about taking your home office to the next level through our residential services, give us a call or send us an email. Contact one of our experts today at 800-747-1830. For your convenience, we are available 24/7.

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