Mint Mobile Surprises Customers With Cheap Cell Phone Plans With No Contract

(Your digital wall Editorial):- San Francisco, Jul 17, 2019 ( – With all other things equal, one of the key factors most people chooses their cell phone plans based on is price. In exciting news in this area, Mint Mobile has appeared on the scene offering exceptional service and most of all cheap cell phone plans that can help any individual or family be able to save real money on their monthly bill compared to the giants like T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T. This news has been greeted with enthusiasm.

“We are competing with these huge corporations who have tremendous overhead and that allows us to save money and carry that over to the subscribers of our cell phone plans,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “It’s our pleasure to help people save money while still being able to get great service.”

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All of the plan options can be seen on the official Mint Mobile website.

For more information or to sign up be sure to visit Mint Mobile today and begin saving money immediately.


Source :Mint Mobile

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