Improvement In Sales For Q3 Expected By Asus As Q2 Results Are Promising


Asus, the tech-giant from Taiwan, released the financial report of Q2 to investors with affirmative results. Although the company incurred losses for its business in mobile phones that doesn’t deter the sale of other components including that of PC. Major contribution in the market is made by the PC segment of the company to boost the performance of Q2, enabling the improvement of anticipated profits and operational margins.


As Q3 approaches fast, the companies’ focus will shift towards the marginal areas as Asus Expects Sales Improvements For Q3. The objective of the company is expected to concentrate on the industry for gaming as they are preparing to provide laptops of high quality that are very light and thin. In addition to that, Asus’s priority will be the smartphones and its performance along with that they are ready to release a flagship project on gaming phones very soon.


It is important to note that the gaming laptops by Asus are doing very well in its market sales of 2019 for H1. The sales growth outside the Chinese market has crossed 13.3% where the sales are 8.4% for the rest of the world. This performance is proof that the brand is standing in good stead and fared very well considering the previous year’s performance.


The segment about the making of a thin and light laptop by Asus has fared quite well in the market with an increase of 57% and outpaced its competitors. A gain of 27% is seen by the market this quarter and with an increase of 40% in performance, the trend is surpassed by Asus.


Asus took positive strides with its quarterly performance and gained a lot in the Q2 particularly from the light and thin brands of the gaming laptop. This has happened primarily because it is priced at a premium rate as opposed to the lower rates which are the standard models. Asus attributes the improvements in the margins of the company in this quarter particularly to both the thin and light segment of a product as well as gaming.


In the next financial year, Asus is looking for a 20% rise in the sales performance for both its laptop and PC. Asus is also looking forward towards an increase in peripheral sales as well as its PC component to the degree of 15%.


The directory team for Asus was in good spirits for the ongoing discussions of Q2. The occasion was braced with the launch of the new brand RoG Phone 2. Asus is getting a boost in the market for gaming phone with its gaming device. The coming three years are crucial as the company is on its way to topple major producers of smartphones regarding performance.


Jerry Chen, the CEO of Asus has told the investors of the company that the pre-orders for the gaming phone which are brand new in the market has crossed 2 million.

Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons

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