3 Bandz’s Latest EP ‘TheHoodCelebrity’ is a Contemporary Rap and Hip Hop Brilliance Come True


The characteristics and linear growth of hip-hop in the backdrop of modern times and its influential significance as a creative art form have been beautifully captured in R.G.E THE LABEL’s newly released Extended Play TheHoodCelebrity. A beautiful reminder of how thematic and lyrical nuances can transform the cultural feat of a song, this EP stands as a risky yet captivating mix of musical greatness. An EP written performed, arranged by the progressive artist Jervens Samedi who goes by the stage name 3 Bandz, the musical prowess in ‘TheHoodCelebrity’ is one of the high points for R.G.E THE LABEL. 

Upcoming Spring Valley hip hop singer 3 Bandz has interpreted hip-hop with distinctive and unlikely heavy bass, making the overall experience stand out among its contemporaries. With Rockland Grand Ent Label backing his creativity in full form, his endeavor knows no bounds. The subtlety of invasive music expressed with confidence showcases a certain kind of authoritative musical presence. This is a charisma that spreads its charm across fans, thus helping 3 Bandz to expand his audience base across the globe and the music hierarchy.

Some of the songs from the EP like ‘Your Honor’ and ‘Tell Me’ stands true to the creative objectives of ‘TheHoodCelebrity’ without a fault. A meandering journey taking the audience through four anthological songs in a thread of similar oneness is so relevant and relatable that it quickly becomes a part of the soul. One can jive to the EP or lay low in insightful self-exploration, but both ways make for a good time that it promises. As R.G.E THE LABEL moves forward towards the limitless boundaries of musical accomplishment with 3 Bandz by their side, their musical notoriety is only going to get all the love that it deserves. Follow their work on various social media and music platforms like Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and their official website to never miss any of their updates.

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