The Dark Picture Anthology’s First Entry Man Of Medan Releases In Two Days



The wait is over as Man of Medan game releases on August 30th, Friday. The indie-horror game is the first edition of well-known horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology. In the Twilight Zone style, it is a first of its kind. Get a hold of this title if you are a big fan of titles that are story-driven and horror.


Five friends are part of the story in Man of Medan and they are off to a trip to South Pacific by boarding a ship together. A destructive and very big storm comes amidst nothing which marred the trip for all the five friends. Things started to get worse from thereon. They landed on a ghost ship which is very old and has a curse on it that is very much mysterious. Those who will play the game need to navigate through the story by choosing the style of adventure in the game. The main aim is to end the game in such a way that none of the characters gets killed.


The horror games series The Dark Pictures Anthology will come in the form of episodes. There will be a new title coming out every six months. As a result, the next release for the game that will come after Man of Medan will be stated for a release in January or December. Supermassive Games, who are the developer of the game, are slated to release as many as eight games as part of the anthology.


A major portion is driven by dialogue in the game. The choice of dialogue is responded to by the players that take the game forward as the plot is driven. One should be careful enough as there will be consequences for every decision that has a direct effect on the entire game.


There will be a single story in every episode of The Dark Picture Anthology. so the players have the option to choose and download the particular story they are interested in and does not require to play all the episodes. the Curator is a very enigmatic figure which is a single common feature present in all the games.


In a way, the series is narrated by figure Curator. The end of every new title and the introduction of characters are done by this figure.


No information can be found regarding Curator as to whether it will be an important figure in the culminating story or whether Curator will be used in the anthology by Supermassive games as one of its frame stories. People are kept guessing as it would be interesting to know what happens next.


If you are interested in The Dark Pictures Anthology or the game Man of Medan wait till Friday for the series to be released and go for the first entry on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons

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