GiGstreem Provides Service to Waterline Square

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, Sep 24, 2019 ( – Waterline Square is the newest addition to the properties of GiGstreem services. They have taken the connection that has made them popular in communities like One Hudson Yards and Mercedes House and built it into the newest beyond-upscale community along the Hudson River.

The difference with Waterline Square is that the residents of the condominium community have access to GiGstreem services outside of their unit. The building is fitted with multiple Wi-Fi hotspots, and through a dedicated network ID, all GiGstreem users have internet access. This connection includes all the amenities Waterline Square offers its residents, including its 2.6-acre park.

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This unique access also provides the ability to operate smart home technology regardless of the user’s location on the property. At this time, GiGstreem is the only provider that will offer service outside of the units.

Waterline Square offers many amenities to its residents, including:

  • Sports & Fitness Facilities
  • Swim & Spa Facilities
  • Creative Areas
  • Leisure & Social Areas
  • Children and Pet Accommodations

Community-wide Wi-Fi covers every one of these amenities throughout the premises. Waterline Square is also the first 10 GiG service property in the northeast provided by GiGstreem.

GiGstreem is a high-speed internet provider offering home, business and event internet, and Wi-Fi services with symmetrical speeds and no data caps.

If you would like more information about high-speed symmetrical internet connections, contact GiGstreem at 1-800-747-1830, or you can email them at sales@gigstreem.

You can also visit our registration page for Waterline Square and submit your info. We will contact you to set up the installation or answer any further questions you may have.

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