How Foundr’s Nathan Chan Set the Bar for Staying Above Water


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, Sep 5, 2019 ( – Foundr Magazine is one of the largest digital resources for self-made entrepreneurs, boasting a community of over 250,000 subscribers and over 1 million podcast listeners from over 170 countries around the world, according to Forbes. Its founder, no pun intended, Nathan Chan, has interviewed over 240 of the world’s most brilliant minds, including, but not limited to Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Arianna Huffington. By all metrics, he is considered to be an extremely successful entrepreneur–but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his fair share of obstacles.

For starters, Chan came up with Foundr magazine because he “felt there was a need for an entrepreneur publication that served younger people, but also individuals that wanted to start a business, but didn’t necessarily know where to start, or they had just launched their venture.”

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Starting in the Google Play Store and App Store as an entirely digital magazine, Chan wanted to keep his side-hustle passion project, low-risk. In 2013, Chan set out to build his online magazine by investing $3,000 into the business and quickly paying off the credit card to launch Foundr in less than eighteen months.

As time went on, Chan began to offer the magazine in print–magazines and books, eventually turning to online educational courses and distributing content over a variety of mediums.

Why Does A ‘Free Content’ Model Work Versus Premium Content?

Nobody is going to pay for information that can be found through a simple Google search, and if so, then bless their hearts. For this reason, content needs to be specifically curated and tailored for your audience.

Foundr’s model is two-tiered–offering 99% of its content for free, while 1% of its premium content revolves around educational courses.

Chan credits his success to his obsession and passion for helping other entrepreneurs.

Whatever your passion is, just really, really focus on getting that first sale,” he explained. “Don’t worry about setting up a pretty website. Don’t worry about just worrying what other people think. Don’t worry about if it might fail. Just try and create a business that is reasonably simple, that has a market that’s already proven. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel too much and just try and get that first sale.”

According to Chan, free-content makes a greater impact on the world. “Ninety-nine percent of our content is free because that’s what a good media company should do,” he emphasized.

When it comes to premium content, we offer ‘painkillers,’ or content that solves a specific problem. “We want to be able to impact a founder’s life daily with our content or tools or services or products. I want people to know that we are on the ground with you too, because everything we are learning on what it takes to grow and build a successful business, we share just as much as we share what these incredible founders around the world share. We just want to help you. There’s no real agenda. Yes, we sell products, but it’s because they are life-changing. And the more products we sell, the more people we can hire, and the more we can hire, the more content we can create to further serve you.”


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