Riveting New Book Provides Answers on a Mysterious Civilization Many Consider as Myth

Is Atlantis indeed just a fictional island? Or was it a place as real as the one we are living in now?

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Pittsburg, Dec 4, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Atlantis – is it a scenic setting that would only be recognized as a myth or will people finally regard it as something that really existed? This is the question that Shirley Andrews leaves readers after reading her book, Atlantis: Insights From A Lost Civilization.

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More than 2,000 years have passed since Plato introduced the legend of Atlantis and its advancements that propelled it to greatness. But many are still wondering – and trying to prove – the amount of reality it holds, and Andrews is one of them. In her book, Andrews has so triumphantly and eloquently written down her sentiments and arguments that even skeptics will find it difficult to challenge. For a more comprehensive read, the book is divided into three parts – Early Atlantis, The Golden Years 20,00010,000 B.C., and Destruction and New Beginnings.

Although Andrews was told that Atlantis is just a product of an ancient philosopher’s imagination, she still found herself gravitating towards it, sending herself on extended travels to conduct comprehensive research, while also corroborating her claims with the work of hundreds of other Atlantis researchers: classical and modern scholars, scientists, and respected psychics like Edgar Cayce.

Kat Kennedy of the US Review of Books notes “Andrews’ research is extensive, and she presents this information in vibrant and accessible language. Whether one reads with belief or skepticism, this is a fascinating look at a lost civilization that captures the imagination. Anyone with an interest in Atlantis will enjoy Andrews’ work, whether taken as fact or conjecture. It is an enthralling read with vivid detail and an abundance of information with extensive research about Atlanteans and their everyday lives,”

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Atlantis: Insights From A Lost Civilization

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