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NJ Non Profit focuses on bringing recovery and nature together

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Newark, Dec 1, 2020 ( – Incorporated in February 2019, Patchwork Pastures mission is to support transitioning young adult’s ages 18 – 28 reintegrating into society from mental health, substance use or incarceration by utilizing Patchwork pastures animal sanctuary as a home base, and creating collaborative partnerships with green care companies for promoting recovery, reducing recidivism, increasing employability and quality of life through our Green Care Project Initiative. 

Donation requests: Patchwork Pastures is seeking donations for various nature based projects. Expanding a recovery run animal sanctuary dedicated to the animals we rescue and the individuals and family members celebrating recovery, supporting both animal and human alike along with a wide range of Horticultural programs that will grow organic food for the animals on site . Donations will help to support the animals that are rescued or surrendered to their forever home at Patchwork Pastures animal sanctuary located on 10 acres at Expanding Nature Farm in Wantage NJ. In the past 3 months alone we have taken in 3 additional potbellied pigs, 13 Peking ducks, 7 alpaca, 3 goats, 2 roosters and 1 additional hedgehog, these animals come from various situations of surrender, some with ailments, malnourished or from abusive situations. They are in need of continuous veterinary care and each requires appropriate shelters and specialized diets. Once stabilized the animals are trained in human interaction where they will become on site “companion” animals for the young adults in project. Program Participants learn how to interact with each animal providing a symbiotic level of care and support benefiting both animal and human alike. Donations will also help to fund quality training, transportation and supports needed for successful transitions to recovery through our Green Care Project Initiative. 

DID YOU KNOW: a $20 donation feeds Seven Alpaca for two weeks! Or six Potbelly Pigs for 5 days! $20 can go a LONG WAY!! 

Patchwork Pastures Green Care Project has developed a unique Five Step Program inclusive of life coaching, volunteering, mentoring, internships and on the job training with the opportunity for international opportunities upon successful completion of the program. Areas of direct education include one on one care of a rescued farm animals, general construction, arboriculture and horticulture, art projects, community garden, and so much more. Patchwork Pastures detailed intake process which measures each Participants level of commitment to the program followed by a number of coaching sessions which measures their progress, self-esteem, and personal growth with the program. Participants must then commit to community service hours in order to advance to additional levels, or to be considered for an internship. The information will be transcribed into a database which will measure each participant’s achievements and will be documented through a series of CANS assessments.  Young adult’s ages 18-28 are particularly vulnerable as most have aged out of youth serving systems, have become uninsured, homeless, experience difficulties accessing their health providers and have lost hope making it a perfect time for Green Care Project to be effective. 

Patchwork Pastures’ goal is to foster a commitment to struggling young adults that will build self-confidence, promote pro-social friendships, develop strong interpersonal skills, increase job readiness and reassert a sense of hope for the future. Empowering Participants to establishing goals and follow through on commitments inspires strong interpersonal skills and will ultimately instill a sense of hope in the future. A sense of individual responsibility can be reestablished that will give our young adults the desire and commitment to follow through to a path of positive decision making with a sense of pride and accomplishment, thus reducing recidivism. 

Patchwork Pastures has formed partnerships with local green organizations, companies and professionals  who will act as a host “PATCH” (Mentor); a community farm, tree care company, landscaper, greenhouse or other participating green company host; who are trained to focus on positive reinforcement, trust-building, and the achievement of goals by engaging a Participant as a mentee in one-on-one life skills and on the job training.  This program is in direct line with local and regional economic development by providing an outlet for young adults to engage in healthy and educational activities to learn appropriate life skills furthering their ability to become productive members of society. The trickledown effect could provide for more job opportunities for small business and green companies throughout State. 

Patchwork Pastures long term goal is to become a Statewide initiative by 2022 and a nationally accredited program by 2025.  Sponsorships for International opportunities will become available for Participants who successfully complete all phases of the Green Care Project Initiative program, who have exceeded expectations and who have excelled in their commitment to the program and to their recovery (post COVID-19) at Patchwork Pastures European site located in Cornwall England. More information to follow!! 

Our Founder & Chief Executive Officer Rachel Helt is a native Staten Islander who has made Sussex County, NJ her home since 2006. Ms. Helt is a Certified Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer with over 30 years combined experience in medical, human services, sales and marketing and nonprofit business operations. Ms. Helt has served as a nonprofit executive Director for the past 10 years. She brings her expertise as a mother of children in recovery from long term mental health and opioid addiction and nonprofit management to the organization.   “My own journey began over 20 years ago as a parent seeking services for my children; three who experienced significant mental health challenges, two with a long history of opioid addiction, all now in long term recovery. I am also the step parent to three children with special trauma related mental health challenges and raised my granddaughter from birth until she reunited successfully with her mother, my beautiful and successful daughter. I have seen the positive progression of service options and availability of programming for families with children with challenges, however the majority of programs available significantly decline or simply disappear at the age of 18. Having received services from a large majority of child serving system partners including private providers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut to mention a few has been a huge eye opener. Our society has become recovery focused and supportive of families of those in recovery, however, there are still major gaps in the system. Our Green Care Project Initiative has identified multiple gaps and provides an opportunity by providing an educational experience, enhancing life skills, fortifying a sense of self-worth by nurturing the heart from within and forming a circle of community support bringing both recovery and nature together.    

Our Co-Founder & Program Director
 Alan McCullough, Co-Founder and Program Director, was born and raised in a small fishing village in South West England where his love of nature started. After graduating high school he was employed by the Parks Division of Devon and Cornwall where he worked at some of Europe’s elite gardens while earning his Horticulture degree. He attended the prestigious Merrist Wood college of Arboriculture with a degree from the Royal Forestry College as an ISA International Arborist and Tree Worker Certification as well as passing the ASCA (American Society of Consulting Arborists) Academy. 

After 10 years of serving some of the world’s most elite clients in the Hamptons creating and maintaining their personal paradises Alan made New Jersey (The Garden state) his home where he was one of the first to receive the “Certified Organic Land Care Provider” certificate from Rutgers University. He went on to gain his New Jersey Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator License and joined with a local landscape company to develop an organic plant health care program. Alan brings tremendous passion for all plants and animals and a thirst for learning and teaching with over 35 years in the Green industry and Master’s degrees in both Arboriculture and Horticulture.   

For more information please visit Consider a Donation Today  

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NJ Non Profit focuses on bringing recovery and nature together (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Newark, Dec 1, 2020 ( – Incorporated in February 2019, Patchwork Pastures mission is to support transitioning young adult’s ages 18 – 28 reintegrating into society from mental health, substance use or incarceration by utilizing Patchwork pastures animal sanctuary as […]