The Competency of Entrepreneurship to bring a Change in the Society by Gursewak Singh Jassal

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Surat, Dec 6, 2020 ( – When it comes to the word Entrepreneurship, it is evident that people have misunderstood it. It is a misconception among people that Entrepreneurship is all about getting rich easily. People also believe that all it takes is the right idea to become an Entrepreneur. In all honesty, Entrepreneurship is much more than just having a great idea, and Gursewak Singh Jassal knows this better. They say that a boy from a middle-class family can never have enough opportunities, but Gursewak’s journey has something different to tell us. 

Today Gursewak Singh Jassal has managed to manoeuvre his way to triumph with his hard work and dedication. He has gone an extra mile to build up a team which is always available for people in social media platforms. His team members are passionate about their goals, and they are always ready to help people. Connecting with thousands of people is challenging, but Gursewak’s will to help people kept him going. He has travelled to several cities to help thousands of people in their business. Gursewak, along with his team, connects to various people on his Instagram Id, which is @gursewakjassal. His social media account has created an impact on various people. One must follow his Instagram account if he wants to make a difference in his life. They make sure to reply to each and everyone’s query and guide people to run their businesses through smartphones. His life may seem effortless, but he has exerted himself to be at the peak of success. 

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Gursewak Singh Jassal’s inquiring mind motivated him to start his career at the age of 18. Photography, Backstage handling, Event management and Tourism are some of the professions that helped him to gain percipience. He completed his graduation from one of the most prestigious colleges of Chandigarh, and he also aced his Masters. But these degrees didn’t satiate his urge to know more. While looking for jobs in social platforms, Gursewak came across WAF Entrepreneurs. Gursewak was able to connect with their motive and joining hands with WAF Entrepreneurs was the lifechanging decision. 

WAF Entrepreneur is a platform which aims to promote Entrepreneurship. Being the director of Gursewak Singh Jassal has connected with many people worldwide. He has given scope to many skilled people and has helped them to become successful. In this period of the pandemic, Gursewak has achieved several milestones, and he is also helping people abroad. Working with WAF Entrepreneurs made him realise that Entrepreneurship is the only way with which one can make a difference in society. He firmly believes that entrepreneurs aren’t just money-making machines. They are the one who keeps looking for new opportunities and breaks all the odds. 

Gursewak Singh Jassal sees the potential of our youth and he is working along with WAF Entrepreneurs to provide them with opportunities. Our country will prosper when people start changing their views on Entrepreneurship. Gursewak’s perception of Entrepreneurship contrasts the one people have in their mind. He believes that Entrepreneurship is a passion-driven venture, and one won’t be able to become an Entrepreneur unless and until he is passionate about his goals. Entrepreneurship has the power to create employment opportunities for people. Gursewak believes that Entrepreneurship’s forte is to identify the current opportunities in the market, and this can eradicate half of the problems. As the Director of WAF Entrepreneur, Gursewak is working hard to promote Entrepreneurship Development.

Hailing from Chandigarh and belonging to a middle-class background, Gursewak has become an inspiration to the youth. Contrary to all the expectations from him, Gursewak has managed to make it on his own from scratch. His diligence is the reason for the exponential growth of his organisation. He has featured in several national and international websites including Forbes and London Daily and also in several platforms including Yahoo. He has also appeared in several media interviews through which he presents his perceptions on Entrepreneurship Development to the viewers. Gursewak Singh Jassal is striving hard to develop Entrepreneurship in our country. He is guiding people on Instagram through his account, named @gursewakjassal, which people can follow if they want to bring a change in society. He believes that Entrepreneurship is the only way to progress. Entrepreneurship develops our society and enhances the living standard of people. Gursewak is helping every person with a zeal to become successful, and we can say that he won’t sit idle unless and until he makes them a millionaire.

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