Supanova has belted out an addictive dash in the magnificent hip hop and R-B number ‘The city/I just wanna’


The uber-cool Supanova has come up with high octane rhythm in the music video of the R&B and hip hop track ‘The city/I just wanna’ with incredible finesse.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Jersey City, Dec 9, 2020 ( – A stellar show of new-age hip hop and R&B is belted out by the astounding rapper Supanova. The music video of the track ‘The city/I just wanna’ that also features Arif has got a stylish blend that is deftly executed. The singer is himself the producer of the exotically shot music video as he is the proud owner of the avant-garde production house called ‘LonerGang Productions’. The artist from New Jersey has slain the audiences with his magical moves and indomitable swagger. He is a multitalented personality who is an author, an artist, and also a top-notch music producer. The cracking track by him has spun a web of magic around the minds of the listeners. The track has created an eclectic appeal and has been dished out with a dash of confidence. The track is about the real-life experiences of the artist and it is the sole reason it has struck a chord with the audiences. To know more about the singer, the fans can log on to his Facebook profile and glance through his shared posts. 

In the track from the music video, The city/I just wanna‘ by the artist par excellence Supanova there is a whip-smart hook. The track has got a rhythmic looping that has instantly connected with the listeners. The super cool vibes are backed by a natural rasp in the backdrop of heavy electronic sounds. There is a heck of a pace in the number and it all begins with an insane release. The audiences can log on to his Twitter handle and can share an off the cuff gabfest with the singer.

The prodigious singer has belted strong melodies and smart rap vocals in the track from the music video. There is a sassy groove in the track that is accompanied by a profound bounce. There is plenty of energy in the delightfully entertaining track. To fetch relevant information about the singer, the fans can catch a glimpse of his shared updates on his Instagram handle and know more about his queued up ventures. To watch the riveting music videos by the artist one can plug into major trending platforms like YouTube.

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