LINNA CELEBRATES ETHAN’S 5th Birthday as CALEBO dance to “Tootsie Slide”

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Oklahoma City, Dec 17, 2020 ( – It’s been a hell of a year, everyone can attest to the howling grinch of 2020. The Corona pandemic was totally unfriendly to everyone. In CalebO’s family the story was no different as the entire family tested positive for Covid-19 and then the 3 long weeks of isolation that felt like devils don’t have tails no more. CalebO got hit with this monster for three days with fevers raging up to 102 degrees and Linna took the aftermath of his recovery and started showing symptoms of Covid and then the kids: Gavin, Seth and finally the birthday boy ETHAN who just celebrated his 5th birthday at the close of this terrific year.


“Covid-19 is no gameplay, this is a monster and everyone should be safe out there, keep your mask on, if you don’t love your life, at-least care enough for the next person beside you”. Linna  expresses gratitude to God for saving the entire family from COVID during the birthday celebration.


Music and lot of food fills the air on this special day, CalebO with the fly attitude was busy doing the tootsie dance across the room and really slide right over the birthday cake, have you ever try sliding across a cake while tootsie playing. Hey! Forget that role play until you jamming with CalebO on a birthday party for his Kids.  We’ve got reports from our inside person that CalebO was totally on fire. He’s love for his kids has no bounds.


CALEBO: “Play that song Tootsie Slide for me, its been a good year for us even with the pandemic and Ethan’s Birthday brought the year to nothing less than an epic close”


It seems as though heaven’s door was watering down this family with gifts during this pandemic and yet the terrible eyes of haters spreading fake rumour around the city. CalebO is not stopping any time; in His words “While they busy hating, you busy growing, don’t ever stop because of someone’s opinion about you. ‘If the giraffe told the lizard a thousand times that he saw a stream across the bushes, the lizard would still not believe’, that’s exactly how haters be acting. They’re so short sighted and thinks everyone has got to be seeing the same thing they envision around them and for themselves.”


Everyone in CalebO’s Family had a fun filled evening with a delicious dinner that will throw anyone’s taste buds into the twilight zone, totally overtaken by the juiciest steaks you can find around town. The love for cooking has always been a thing for CalebO; We asked him if he was planning on publishing a recipe book and his response was priceless: “I’ve got recipes but then most of all I’ve got a heart full of love, it makes the food taste different when it comes from a heart full of love.”


What do you think is better than a family full of love for each other and overcoming the horrific COVID-19. CalebO’s Family has got to be the realest ones today.

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