Can a dark and dirty prison ventilation system provide two inmates with the salvation they seek so desperately?

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Best-Selling Authors Christopher J. Oaks and Brandon Nelson answer these questions and more in Conversations Through The Vent, A glorious tale of redemption.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Anchorage, Dec 23, 2020 ( – CJ Oaks creates a powerful introduction that prepares the reader for what to expect from reading his recollection of events.


“In prison, when an inmate is sent to the “hole” for disciplinary infractions, he is left in a cell the size of a small bathroom. He is isolated from the general population and has little to no interaction with his family and friends in the outside world. In the hole, there is no TV, and the books are limited. If you don’t have family support to send you books, you won’t have any. And for the most part, you are utterly alone. Inmates use their time in the hole in various ways. Some write letters, others sleep and workout, some go crazy, yell, kick and scream, cuss the guards out and fight. Some cry and reflect on their lives and dwell on past failures. Others plan for the future. Some inmates make jokes to make light of their situation. In some extreme circumstances, inmates have even committed suicide. There are many different factors to determine one’s mindset while in the hole. I, myself, have done a combination of all the above things at one point or another.

In every cell, there is a vent that circulates all the airflow throughout the cells. Through that vent, you can communicate with the inmates next to your cell or above you. Each vent is connected to four cells. Through those vents is where I found salvation.

I was able to communicate with others and for brief moments didn’t feel as alone. I’ve had some of the most critical and important conversations in my life through the vent. While in the hole, and being at the absolute worst time in my life, I’ve come to the brink of insanity! Suicide was on my mind more and more often as the days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months going into years. I almost made the worst decision of my life. And that would have been to give up all hope.

As I grew in my maturity and faith, I understand now that God works in the most unforeseen ways. He sent aid and support to me where I felt I couldn’t receive it. It all started with one conversation from the ventilation system.”


My guys Chris and Brandon have captured the true dark and depressing nature of The Devil’s Playground in their new book, as only one who’s lived it can. But they have also shown how, with hope and determination, one can overcome such adversity. – Mike Enemigo, America’s #1 Incarcerated Author


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