Upcoming Los Angeles Based Alternative Pop Artist gentle jupiter Creates a Honeyed Embrace with ‘the lake’

the lake Official Music Video by gentle Jupiter


The melodic and lyrical streaming in upcoming Los Angeles based alternative pop artist gentle jupiter’s new song, ‘the lake’ brim with personalized creative strains.


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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, Dec 22, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Creating a beautiful streaming flow of musical and lyrical blends through the mellifluousness of her voice and aura is the upcoming artist’s gentle jupiter. The artist has come up with her sound along the lines of alternative pop that defines her thematic resonance with the best kind of creative symbiosis. She recently came out with the song, ‘the lake‘ that captures the essence of life in its sweet melody. The song not only comprises of compelling melodic streaming but it is as if it is a personal account that is being told from the artist’s perspective. She is prolific and dynamic in her approach as she curates a soundscape that exemplifies contemporary music in all its glory. Her approach is customized as per her creative outlook and is portrayed alongside captivating visual presentations.

The song ‘the lake‘ is a beautiful transcending course that comprises of the creative collaboration of Amelia Wallace on lyrics and music, Matt Wallace on production, and Vince Jones on keyboard. The artist puts her creative understanding into the song and comes out with flying colors with her soft and gleaming music. The Los Angeles based alternative pop artist may be very new in her professional scope but she is already sending out waves of excitement and anticipation across the audience. Alternative pop has the independence to imbibe new theories and approaches and she utilizes new modulations in her songs to make them stand out in their texture. The thematic weave in the song is also commendable as it speaks about love and belongingness and the hope of loved ones staying close to each other.

Musician gentle Jupiter hails from Los Angeles and restored her prowess of making music during the lockdown. Her expressions nurtured within her for over ten years and ultimately found a place to exhibit themselves only recently. Some of her other songs that define her scope of musical mellowness and creative impulse include ‘santeria‘, ‘yesterday’s broken‘, and ‘poor girl’. As has finally found her true calling, there is no stopping her as she gets ready to garner a wider audience base with her creative glitter and glow. Follow her work on YouTube and Instagram to know more about her astounding space of musical and lyrical overlap.


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