Dream2Career Publishes Framework for National Workforce Recovery Plan to Biden, Cardona, and Incoming Labor Secretary

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Horizontal Industry Framework Announced

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Washington, D.C, Dec 23, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Dream2Career, LLC, an educational intermediary, invites President-Elect Joe Biden, incoming Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and the soon-to-be-announced Secretary of Labor to use the Horizonal Industry Framework to develop a National Workforce Recovery Plan that tackles the psychological, educational, and operational challenges of getting students and displaced workers back to work after the COVID-19 crisis decimated communities across the nation.

The Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) creates synergies between workforce and education and encompasses all industries and all careers identified by the Department of Labor and curates them into an organized structure that aligns with the Department of Education’s career cluster model and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Using the HIF allows schools, businesses, and workforce groups to develop policy, purpose, funding, and curriculum that supports learning and innovation that will help communities recover emotionally and financially from the destruction created by the coronavirus. The HIF inspires personal growth, creates a sense of belonging, and provides a common language that creates a stronger, more integrated, work-learn ecosystem.

Like President-Elect Joe Biden, Dream2Career believes that the only way America will succeed is by coming together and reconciling our differences. To achieve this objective, Dream2Career developed a specialized space that allows for collaboration between the emerging industry needs, training on-ramps, and the pool of available workers. This framework allows groups to develop actionable solutions that serve industries, jobseekers, students, educators, and benefits entire communities.

Dream2Career, LLC is forming a non-profit called the National Career-Readiness Association (NC-RA) that will be responsible for developing the National Workforce Recovery Plan using the Horizontal Industry Framework. Dream2Career is seeking founding board members to represent each mega cluster (Specialists, Visionaries, Processors, Protectors, Naturalists, Mavens). These executive positions will be filled by high-level industry leaders and educators who want to build the workforce of tomorrow and who are interested in helping communities recover and thrive under the new administration.

For more information about NC-RA, visit www.nc-ra.org.

About Dream2Career:
Dream2Career, LLC, was established in 2020 to help students and career seekers to find pathways to sustainable careers that match their interests and aspirational goals. D2C is a women-owned startup located in Northeastern PA.

For more information, visit www.dream2career.org.

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Dream2Career, LLC
Dream2Career, LLC, was established as a jobs and education intermediary in 2020 to help students and career seekers to find pathways to sustainable careers that match their interests and aspirational goals. D2C is a women-owned startup located in Northeastern PA.

[email protected]



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