Sluurpy: the restaurant’s search engine that there is

The website collects information, photos, menus and much more for the pleasure of users with the launch of its advanced meta-search engine

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Berlin, Dec 23, 2020 ( – Since the advent of the Internet, restaurant websites started to sprout and thrive on the web, with hundreds of platforms collecting information on food, dishes, location, and experience of customers. In the beginning, it seemed to be fantastic to have a preview based on the computer or mobile. Afterward, the amount of information has overcrowded, and choosing the best restaurant to go to for dinner is not easy anymore. We are trapped in a tangled bundle of information, so that, choosing a restaurant online is not anymore a joyful and delightful experience. From this starting assumption, Sluurpy created a meta-search engine able to be always impartial in providing online information and gather them in an organic way.

First of all, what’s a meta-search engine?

A meta-search engine is an online information retrieval tool that uses the data of a web search engine to produce its own results. Metasearch engines take input from a user and immediately query search engines for results. Some common meta-search engines are Tripadvisor, Trivago, and Webjet, to name a few. So far, the metasearch engine has always been essentially about hotels, bed and breakfast, and travel experiences. Sluurpy wants to contribute to making a breakthrough to this sector by focusing on restaurants instead of hotels and B&B: indeed, Sluurpy gathers, ranks, and presents to the user relevant information for customers specifically about restaurants. 

How Sluurpy is combining data and giving reliable information?

Sluurpy data can be divided into two main areas of origin: primary data and secondary data. Primary data are given directly from restaurant owners. They provide the platform with data regarding their own activity: this grants the highest level of trustfulness for digital users that browse Sluurpy. Alternatively, secondary data are retrieved from the Internet: this is when the meta-search engine comes. Sluurpy has reached several agreements with websites dedicated to restaurants in order to make a fair exchange of information, so that parallel website dedicated to restaurants share their information to the meta-search engine of Sluurpy. Sluurpy agrees the share information only with certified platforms: in this way, Sluurpy can rely on the truthfulness of data that will publish later on. 

But how it works?

Sluurpy is the first and only meta-engine (or meta-search engine) specific to the restaurant industry. The platform collects useful data on restaurants, aggregates them, and makes them available digitally on a single portal, available to everyone and on any device. Sluurpy includes relevant information digital users look for while “googling” their favourite restaurants: useful data includes photos, contact information, opening hours, and reviews. This creates a faster and easier process for users to find and compare restaurant prices and dishes, and ultimately make their reservation or deliveries decision. The key difference is that Sluurpy does not sell their own restaurant inventory, rather support users in the choice. In this way, Sluurpy’s value is to help users and impartially give them the best advice. 

“Thanks to the meta-search engine, Sluurpy aims to become the reference point for restaurant choice at a global level”. – says Giovannini, CEO of Sluurpy srl – The commitment of the company is to provide the users with objective and transparent tools in order to make them aware and well informed about their delicious daily choices: collaboration with restaurants represent the pillar Sluurpy relies on.”

Source :Sluurpy

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