How Social Media Changed Maxwell LeVan’s Life

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Encino, Dec 27, 2020 ( – Since first picking up a video camera in 2013 at 10 years old, Maxwell LeVan has fallen in love with content creation. As is made apparent in his videos, Maxwell values storytelling more than any other aspect of entertainment. This storytelling ranges from professional card magic to music production and songwriting. LeVan, despite being 17, has captivated the mainstream media by going 7x-platinum between two countries on his debut single, garnering tens of millions of views online, and making television appearances. 

Before achieving platinum certification from MAHASZ, Maxwell had released numerous singles on SoundCloud. A diss track he made on a fellow classmate, although it garnered over 10,000 streams in a day, received so much criticism and hate that Maxwell deactivated his SoundCloud account and began taking his music more seriously. 

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Since the beginning of the global pandemic, LeVan has poured thousands of dollars into renovating and upgrading his bedroom studio, adding a state-of-the-art sound system, microphones, and a MacBook with Logic Pro X. In his official studio tour video, Maxwell breaks down his reasoning for such dramatic gravitation towards music. “If I spent this money on clothes, okay, in 2 years the clothes don’t fit me anymore. If you take care of this stuff, it’ll last a long time and I’ll make my money back.” 

Maxwell LeVan has garnered a following on social media, but the main sources of traction for his career have been producing music for other artists, as well as appearing on multiple news shows, some of which LeVan is the anchor. Despite not having millions of followers like many of his peers, the attention Maxwell received from the success of his comical record Toe Bamba, as well as the dramatically fictitious ode of Trash Panda, landed him on front pages of entertainment news magazines and, according to LeVan, led to him being ‘recognized in public almost everywhere I go; which is weird because when you look at my follower count, you wouldn’t assume that a ton of people know who I am.’

Maxwell has become a notable character in the music world over the course of recent months, with his debut single Toe Bamba peaking at position 472 on the Brazil Top 500 on iTunes. The song has subsequently achieved 5x-platinum certification in Hungary and platinum certification in Chile. The song gained a significant boost in popularity after it was used in multiple viral videos on TikTok. The song was produced entirely in Maxwell’s high school library and featured two of his best friends, Derek Torres and Aaron Williams. “You know, I have some resentment towards the fact that I could lock myself in my room for weeks and come out with nothing, but we go to the library during lunchtime and come out with a multi-platinum record. It makes no sense.” In addition to releasing music under his own name, Maxwell has produced songs for several upcoming artists from across the world, and his record label TL Records has signed new talent of all ages to the artist management company.

LeVan plans to finish high school and pursue social media and magic full-time while producing music for pop singers and rappers in his free time as well. He hopes to move to Los Angeles eventually, but wants to save his money ‘until the time is right’. Despite only being 17 years old, Maxwell has crafted a demographic of all ages and backgrounds through the variety of content he produces. When asked about his success this year, he said “this is the tip of the iceberg in a sense. I haven’t even started yet.”

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Birthplace: Williamsburg, VA  

Height: N/A  

Weight: 150 lbs  

Net Worth: $40,000  

Parents: N/A

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