Baba launches his own chilli sauces called Baba’s All-purpose FujiFuji sauce

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- London, Dec 30, 2020 ( – For your upcoming stories, please consider BABA-Q Grill sauces called Baba’s All-purpose FujiFuji Sauce (Original & Extra Hot), a Nigerian sauce that combines the perfect blend of sweet, tasty, and spicy flavours for all types of foods and palates. After many years of grilling in Nigeria, Togo, and the UK using various spice mixes, Nigerian local based in the UK, Baba, decided to commercialize his hobby of grilling into a business – BABA-Q GRILL. In March 2020, He launched his FujiFuji Sauces into the market just before the COVID lockdown kicked in. His distinct homemade cooking sauces are coined from a genre of music in Nigeria called ‘Fuji,’ synonymous with celebration. The sauce is a mix of various spices and herbs, but the uniqueness comes from how it has been combined, which sets it apart from what is sold on shelves everywhere. Pairing sweetness and spiciness, Baba’s All-purpose FujiFuji Sauce contains low sugar but still retains all its flavours without sacrificing taste. These products are also vegan-friendly, work well as a marinade and dipping sauce, low calorie, & no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours.

Baba’s All-purpose FujiFuji Sauce not only adds great flavours to all types of meals but also brings great smiles and upbeat energy. 

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