FotoMedley Launches AI-Enhanced Custom Coloring Page Designer

Sample AIgenerated FotoMedley coloring image

Leveraging artificial intelligence, FotoMedley allows users to easily create custom coloring books using their own photos.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Salt Lake City, Jan 4, 2021 ( – To start the new year, FotoMedley announced the launch of its website for generating custom coloring pages and coloring books. The new site allows users to upload personal photographs and then leverages AI techniques to analyze and convert those photos into custom coloring pages.

FotoMedley was created out of a desire to use technology to convert photographs into unique and personalized art. As an anniversary gift for his wife, the founder used an early prototype to produce a computer-generated sketch, which was then painted with watercolors and framed. The result was exciting and led to a desire to share similar opportunities with other people.

Most techniques for converting images into black-and-white sketch/coloring pages apply a combination of filters found in common image editing tools to highlight the edges–but the results often look like filtered photographs, rather than realistic sketches or coloring pages with dark lines. FotoMedley approaches this challenge in a new way by using AI to identify the key features in an image and trace the edges. The end result is a virtually “drawn” coloring page.

FotoMedley’s custom coloring pages and coloring books include these key features:

  • Several image processing options to produce different artistic pages
  • Ability to add custom text to coloring pages
  • No manual image editing necessary
  • Customizable front and back cover
  • Digital downloads starting at $1.99
  • Professionally printed books starting at $29.99

To find out more about FotoMedley, including further information about how to use it for creating custom coloring pages, visit

About FotoMedley

Founded in 2020, FotoMedley focuses on using technology to help create unique personalized artistic results. Their team is based in northern Utah. They currently specialize in the generation of custom coloring pages from users’ photos.

Comparison of typical algorithms left center compared to FotoMedley rightSample AIgenerated FotoMedley coloring imageSamples of FotoMedley crosshatch and sharpie sketch effectsSample of printed FotoMedley coloring book

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FotoMedley focuses on using technology to help create unique personalized artistic results, specializing in the generation of custom coloring pages from users’ photos.
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