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The Land of Bengal Tiger


Dhaka, Jan 20, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Bangladesh is one of only a few nations in South Asia, which stays to be explored. Bangladesh has a fragile and distinctive fascination of its own to offer. Bangladesh has a place where there is tremendous excellence, many serpentine rivers, crystal clear water lakes surrounded by evergreen slopes, wind in the paddy fields, a plenitude of daylight, lush tropical rain forests, excellent cascades of green tea plants, world’s biggest mangrove forest protected as World Heritage, home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the wild lives, chattering of flying creatures in green trees. Such scenic beauty will captivate anyone’s eyes. Let’s explore the majestic greeneries of Bangladesh.

First things first, while talking about the greeneries of Bangladesh, Sundarbans, the lungs of Bangladesh is the first thing that comes to mind. Sundarbans is one of the most gorgeous natural delights of wonderful Bangladesh and UNESCO World Heritage Centre. This forest is the biggest mangrove forest on the planet. And the beauty lies in its unique natural surroundings. Thousands of meandering streams, creeks, rivers have enhanced its charm. For miles, the lofty treetops form an unbroken canopy, with works of high and ebb-tide marked on the soil. The many varieties of the mangrove tree have much to offer to an inquisitive visitor. Sundarban is the natural habitat of the world-famous Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, crocodiles, jungle fowl, wild boar, lizards, and many more. Migratory flock of Siberian ducks flying over hundreds of sailboats loaded with timber, Golpata, honey, shell, and fish further adds to the serene natural beauty of the Sundarban.

The gorgeously green Lawachara National Park is another most appreciated beauty and biodiversity of the scenic region of Bangladesh. It is located in Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar district under the Sylhet division, which is a significant remain of the evergreen forests in Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh declared this forest as ‘National Park’ in 1997. There are various species of rare animals, insects, and plants in the forest. Here rain occurs more frequently and therefore the trees of the forest are very tall and the forest is so dense that the ground doesn’t get proper sunlight. This Park is home to four globally endangered species: Northern Pig-tailed Macaque, Phayre’s Leaf Monkey, Capped Langur, and Western Hoolock Gibbon, the only ape found in Bangladesh.

We all became familiar with the lush greenery of Bangladesh by now, let’s explore Rema Kalenga, an undulating landscape, which has much more to offer. Rema Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary is a reserved forest that lies on the border of Bangladesh-India. There are some local inhabitants who live in the forest dispersedly. A Tipra (Tripura) tribal village is located near the border. This forest is rich with flora & fauna and is a hideout for a number of rare animals in Bangladesh. It’s an ideal place for forest trekkers. The remote and untouched tropical forests of Rema-Kalenga valuable biodiversity. Notable mammals include endangered primates (Bengal Slow Loris, Assamese Macaque, Northern Pig-tailed Macaque, Phayre’s Leaf Monkey, and Capped Langur), endangered Fishing Cat, and rare Black Giant Squirrel. In addition to a wide range of forest birds, Rema-Kalenga holds a breeding colony of the critically endangered White-rumped Vulture.

Many reserves and conservation projects have been established in Bangladesh to protect its rare wildlife and bird populations, and one such breathtaking eco-tourism initiative is the Dulahazra Safari Park. Dulhazara Safari Park is located 48 kilometers north of Cox’s Bazar district. Originally a deer breeding center, this park was established in 1999 by Bangladesh Forest and Environment Ministry. Although Dulhajara Safari Park is established as a deer breeding center, it also has tigers, lions, elephants, bears, gulls, crocodiles, hippo, Maya deer, Sambar deer, Chitra deer, para deer, etc. There are freshwater crocodiles in this park, as well as saltwater crocodiles. Visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the park from the observation towers placed at different spots in the park.

In the south of Bangladesh, a golden island sits at the intersection of the Meghna river and the Bay of Bengal. Nijhum Dwip, (literally, the silent island) a small island under Hatiya Upazila of Noakhali district, is a must-see tourist site in Bangladesh. Nijhum Dwip harbors a unique collection of species including spotted deer & Irrawaddy dolphins and is a vital breeding habitat for Hilsa, the national fish of Bangladesh. During winter, thousands of migratory birds flocks to the shores of the island. A total of 139 species of birds, more than 70% of which are reported to be a combination of waders and ducks, arrive every winter as they migrate along the East Asia-Australasian Plyway that stretches from Russia to Australia.

A natural beauty rising in the southern part of Bangladesh Char Kukri Mukri termed as Daughter of Queen Island has photogenic scenery that will surely captivate anyone. It is a great place for travelers who love nature, forest, wildlife, and sea. This island is popular because of its mangrove forest and deer habitation. A very scenic river, it has been subjected by many famous Poets and Painters. Char Kukri Mukri was the main commercial zone 50 years ago. Among the animals in the Char Kukri Mukri, there are Chitra Deer, Monkey, Fox, Octave, Wild Buffalo, Moorfowl (wild-Cock), wild-cat, etc. Besides, there are many species of birds and reptiles, such as Egret, Conglomerate, Mathura, Wilk Cock, Wild peacock, Koyail, etc. In the winter season, thousands of migratory birds fly here.

With all this Bangladesh is an area of natural beauties. It is undoubtedly blessed with many wonderful sceneries and cultures. Seeing the breathtaking natural scenery of this country, it would seem that God Himself has given life to the nature of Bangladesh by painting it with His own hands.

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