A Great Musical Mix Gets Launched by Mad Science Lab Titled ‘Giant Jupiter’ That Can Surely Cheer Up Anyone

Mad Science Lab

Mad Science Lab releases the best science-oriented musical composition of the year titled ‘Giant Jupiter’ that takes the audience on a magical journey all along.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- California City, Jan 14, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Being fanatics of listening to music all of us are fascinated to listen to music that explores the vast unknown terrains. A well crafted uplifting tune holds the potential to easily convert one’s mood. Thinking from the perspective of a musician, who is deeply involved in music-making but is also passionate about science makes for a surprisingly unique collaboration. One such artist who is truly prolific in his musicianship and steadily changing the way people perceive EDM music is James Gideon whose platform Mad Science Lab features all his exclusive music. The talented artist creates music that remains inspired by science and by entangling gorgeous soul-warming melodies, the musician sculptures his tracks.

Giant Jupiter is the latest music video released by the producer where it brings to the platform the best of both worlds. Anyone who holds an interest in science can truly enjoy the musical amalgamation where the artist has focused on Jupiter to project his artistry. The artist’s innate ability to play with various instrumentals has been well highlighted throughout the soundscape. The song has a certain invisible energy and charm that hooks the audience relentlessly. The music comes flowing along with lyrics and there’s a huge picture of Jupiter capturing the visuals. The song is equally infor5mative and shares some interesting facts about the planet about which we know less. It is both musical and informative at the same time that keeps the audience engaged throughout. Jupiter is twice as massive as all other planets combined and has 79 moons. The image was captured back on January 1, 200 by the Spacecraft Cassini and shows the gracious planet in its full grace. The compelling visuals along with the hypnotic melodies draw the listener to a world of unknown destinations and let the mind wander freely.

Giant Jupiter’ has been built under the label Gideon Productions and highlights the major features of the artist’s musical characteristics. The electronic musician is genuinely passionate about electronic instruments and has even worked on designing several musical products. Mad Science Lab is the stage on which the artist lays bare his mix-mash emotions related to both science and electronic sounds, and the result widely displays his energetic charm. Truly an artist whose knowledge and musical caliber is well rounded to meet the industry bar and the artist holds the expertise under his belt to sign it off on a positive note. Follow him on YouTube and Facebook for all updates.


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