Kito Canadey’s enticing song ‘Baby Corona’ is full of strong melody and brilliant funk

Baby Corona by Kito Canadey

The charismatic singer Kito Canadey has come up with the quintessential swagger in the track ‘Baby Corona’. Its brilliant execution is driving good listeners’ base.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Weesp, Jan 15, 2021 ( – The hip hop and rap music industry is now full of uncountable number of new tracks. Well, amongst the thousands the prodigious singer Kito Canadey has stolen the hearts of millions with his magical rap vibes. He has used brilliant and sassy Punjabi vocals in the track Baby Corona‘ that also features Zee. He is also the proud owner of an up to the minute production house called ‘K2Records’ that has state of the art facilities. The rapper speaks six different languages and can be hailed as a linguist. He is all set to come up with more tracks in various languages. He is born in Pakistan and grew up in Budapest in the eastern European country Hungary and as of now, he is based out of Netherlands.

The Facebook profile of the singer is not only visited by fans from South Asians but audiences all over the globe catch a glimpse of his shared posts. It seems Kito Canadey has broken shibboleths and has dished out high octane rhythm in his tracks. He has etched out smart rap vocals in the track ‘Baby Corona’ that has got an engaging groove. Apart from the rap he also prefers afro-beats and also dishes out exquisite vibes of R&B. It is more like a cultural mix and this is not the first time he is trying different genres. The audience logs on to his Instagram handle and get to know about his upcoming projects.

This outstanding composition has got a catchy hook that creates an eclectic and flabbergasting appeal. The fans can now log into popular music streaming apps like Spotify to listen to his brilliant tracks and Follow his work on  Instagram and Facebook

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