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The rise & Fall of the “pickup Industry”

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, Jan 16, 2021 ( – The perpetrator of the confidence trick is called a “Con Artist” or simply an “Artist” and the intended victim is known as the “Mark”.

Everyone these days feels that they are above such trickery. “I would never fall for the Nigerian Prince email or even Click Bait” I hear you say. Think again!

Confidence tricks work because they exploit typical human characteristics such as greed, vanity, lust, desperation, and naivety.

“The Pickup Game” – the latest documentary, by award-winning Directors the O’Connor brothers, is a provocative insider investigation exposing the secrets of the scandal-filled yet thriving pickup industry.

The movie cracks open a worldwide, underground subculture that some know in passing but few fully understand.

“How to get the woman you desire into bed”

From its glossy exterior, where courses are packaged as self-improvement, to the dark underbelly of sexual assault, pyramid scheme marketing, and secret collusion, the film pulls back the curtain to reveal a world that’s not only fascinating but horrific in equal measure.

The Pickup Industry stratagem as described in the documentary illustrates how some unscrupulous companies lure men into their “Long Game” scheme.

Self-styled seduction coaches or “Pickup Artists” travel the world, charging tens of thousands to teach men skills they claim will guarantee unlimited success with women.
Through controversial marketing campaigns and engineered Youtube videos, students are led to believe that if they assume an “Alpha” male persona and religiously follow the step by step process as defined by the “Gurus”, they will be able to bed the woman of their dreams.

The teachings of the pickup instructors encourage men to run a “Short Game” con on women. Duping the “Mark” into believing that they are who they appear to be and are looking for more than just a one night stand.

For the instructors who are successful in their scheme, it is a highly lucrative occupation, with many companies earning millions of dollars a year. That being said there is a cost to this mentality and the industry is rife with controversy and scandal. Several teachers have been deported from countries for their contentious methodologies and pickup businesses are often the subject of fierce public criticism.

“The Documentary every woman should watch”
– Vents Magazine

With hereto unprecedented access to the biggest and most controversial names in the industry and those trying to make them accountable, “The Pickup Game” documentary goes behind the scenes to explore the motivations of people that get involved in this pervasive subculture, the techniques they employ, and the near-fanatical following this industry demands.

Whether you are a woman who has fallen prey to the “Short Game” or a man lured into the “Long Game” a new confidence scheme is at play.

The Pickup Game documentary is arguably one of the most controversial new films to come out of 2020. It pulls no punches in its in depth exploration of a wolf most people don’t even know exists yet is all around us.

Now available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play it is definitely worth a watch.

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The Pickup Game Film
A provocative insider investigation exposing the secrets of the scandal-filled yet thriving pickup industry, where would be Casanovas pay to be coached in the art of seduction.
[email protected]

+1 347 464 1220


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