Breakthrough artists in the UK over the years and the Best Predicted bet for 2021 David Rich

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Jan 26, 2021 ( – Over the years there is always an artist that comes out as the one who conquers everything in their path. Going back over the list of artist maybe provides an insight of what the media can predict can often be right ( but not always)notable Media predictions from the past include  Ed Sheeran in 2012 Sam Smith 2015, Paul Young in 1985 Tom Walker in 2019, and of course the man from Scotland the self-labeled Scottish Beyonce Lewis Capaldi.

But do the previous predictions always work out and really breakthrough and stand the test of time. The aforementioned certainly appears to have all done that non more so than the phenomenal success of Ed Sheeran, will this ever be matched? Looking at most of the recent prediction Lewis Capaldi, although Lewis has had incredible success with his debut album also breaking airplay records and huge popularity in countries all over the globe it’s unlikely he will fade away or keep quiet for that matter.

Now opinion is always divided about what is it that makes an artist rise above all others and stands out like a shining beacon and you see and hear everywhere you turn. Some have worked for years developing their craft, others are stumbled upon as having that certain something while busking or playing at an open mic. It is often said in today’s ever-changing music industry that you need to have a huge presence on social media and that talent alone cannot propel you to the dizzy heights of stardom.

So the question is who will prove to be the standout artist for 2021 in this challenging time not just challenging for the music industry but for life generally. This could potentially be something that could work in the favor of someone who is probably the least active pop star in social media ever, is not fresh out of school so to speak he’s closer to the 1995 standout Oasis age bracket.  So the prediction for 2021 who some of the music media are aware of although it’s unlikely many music followers will have heard his music or even heard of him at PRESENT.   

So who is this prediction, well he is a northern lad as he describes himself as well as saying he is the George Clooney of Yorkshire. He says if Lewis Capaldi can claim the Beyonce thing then he’s having that. I pointed out George Clooney doesn’t sing he retorted “how do you know, I look good-like George Clooney and I have a black polo neck sweater like George Clooney but unlike George Clooney my sweaters not Italian it’s from Primark, I am younger and I don’t drink continental coffee I drink Yorkshire Tea like proper Yorkshire men do, oh and a glass of Chardonnay now and then”.

His name David Rich is one of those characters once you meet realize, he is something different, he has bags of self-confidence, can talk forever, and will never give in on anything. He is really passionate about equality and inclusion for all. He once was considering joining The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. So is he the best piano, guitar player no, is he the best singer, no not conventionally, is he different creatively with his music/songwriting a big YES 100% he is definitely one that stands out, and we are convinced as he is starting to get noticed and his debut single Poor Me could be the one to set him on his way 

Once David Rich gets some national airplay the fans will love him and he will love them back. In 2021 David Rich will join the list of breakthrough UK artists.

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