How Arturo Cooks Took Brand UR Name From His Sisters Garage To A High Fashion Outlet

Never Sleep, Chase Dreams

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Jersey City, New Jersey Jan 26, 2021 ( – Brand UR Name is a leading high fashion company that helps bring brands with a unique style, vision, or cause to life. Brand UR Name’s core mission is to make your brand visible in a fashionable way and take it to the next level. 

Brand UR Name was founded by Arturo Cooks. From a very young age, Arturo Cooks was always interested in art, design, and fashion. His entrepreneurial mentality and creative skills inspired him to start selling candy bars at 13. He would spend his weekends and holidays at the malls, parking lots, and storefronts convincing people to buy some chocolates and made over $80k in 4 years. He had a driving force with the belief that nothing is impossible if you have the determination and willpower. When he started college he was a jack of all trades offering car detailing and music production services to providing DJ services to his female friends in their sweet 16s and still had a dance team. After a semester of school, Arturo decided to drop out of college and take life without a degree. 


In 2013 Arturo Cooks created a clothing brand by the name Zombie Lyfe, a subtle way to express himself with fashion-forward T-shirts and hats. With the brand motto of “Never sleep chase dreams,” he embodied the brand. His desire to grow and learn pushed him to start working at embroidery and screen-print shop along with cutting and sewing for about four years. He also had a few side hustles such as club promotions. Unfortunately, trouble with the law landed him five-year probation. This experience left him 10x more determined despite spending his savings on fines and trying to get his life back. 

He moved to Florida to partner with an investor, a move that never matured despite him crashing on a friend’s couch. When all seemed lost, a friend loaned him $5,000 which he bought a four-head manual screen-print machine and headed home. He changed his sisters’ garage into a screen print shop, took to social media to offer his services, and later added embroidery services. Christina (his girlfriend) would help clip hats and layout shirts for the screen print orders. 


Two years later, with $20,000 savings, he moved to New Jersey closer, to the city where the house rent was $2,500 a month with a down payment of $12,000. The room was an upgrade from the garage with no furniture, only the two machines, a couple of dishes, and curtains from his mom. With no hope for next months’ rent, he was determined; Christina applied her marketing skills from her job while developing a website that boosted their social media presence. A year later, Christina was able to quit her job and join him. She also helped him to create an internal order system that improved the business’s efficiency. 

They moved again closer to the city in a small commercial space, where they lived in the basement to save money. Believing in himself, he purchased a DTG and more embroidery machines growing business to an average of $3,000-$5,000 a week. His brother came to help with production and slept on the futon in the office. By setting weekly goals, they reached record sales of $12,000-$15000 a week while still living in the store. 

Today, Brand UR Name has its facility in Miami with a bigger and stronger team and a diverse client base. Brand UR Name is closely associated with Ebony magazine, famous influencers, multiple corporations, businesses, schools, and brand building clients.

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