The World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Quietly Releases Cloud-Based Mandala

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 3, 2021 ( – As we end the first month of what is looking to be a roller coaster ride for cryptocurrency, one lucky exchange happened to have launched a little over 30 days ago and is quickly enjoying the wave of new and veteran active traders. Mandala is a Binance Cloud Partner, yes, that Binance, which launched this January. So far, the users have been growing steadily, as has the team, and over $500,000K in average volume since launch, with today breaking 3M+ in trading volume alone.

The reason why you need to jump into MDX and the Mandala Exchange is very simple. First off, I am not a financial advisor but I did purchase my first BNB token within its first week live. Unfortunately, like many other tokens I had purchased early, I used them for trading or exchanging and am sad to say it is now at $52.08 at the time of writing. While it is extremely upsetting to have traded so many, I am excited to see the success of MDX (Mandala’s exchange token) which is on a very similar trajectory as BNB. Think of MDX as BNB cooler, younger brother.

The kicker is, Binance has helped build the Mandala Exchange and MDX functionality, down to it its core! Yes, that is right. Mandala has partnered with Binance, and they’ve worked closely together over the past year under the little known but soon to be a highly recognized program called Binance Cloud.


Why should you switch to Mandala and what’s the difference between MDX and BNB?

For starters, the MDX token is sitting at a price that is nearly impossible to beat, which is at the time of writing, saw a 300% increase in volume. This does not include the 88M+ tokens already locked on Mandala (more to come below), but the 7M+ also included in the growing Uni swap pool.

Additionally, Mandala Exchange users enjoy the same liquidity access, same tokens, and level of security as they would if trading on Binance itself. Binance stands to gain if Mandala does well. Can you think of a better company to have your back? And no one is talking about this! Boiled down, this is why MDX is the best cryptocurrency to buy in the first quarter of 2021.

For some perspective, at the time of writing this, BNB is up over 100,000% since their all-time low ($0.03 to today’s $50+). On top of that, new users enjoy a 10% lifetime trading referral fee for inviting friends, a 50% less trade fee than traditional Binance users, with the added benefit of holding MDX for trading rebates, free giveaways, and access to much more.

It is rare enough to see the spike in cryptocurrency that we have over the last several months, let alone a Binance exchange partner get released that has yet to make the light of day. Enjoy Happy Monday from your friends at Altcoin Mag.

Source :Mandala.Exchange

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