The Brand New Track ‘Who Am I’ by Rising American Artist Let em Shine814 is an Open Illustration of Our Life

Let em Shine814

All-rounder Pennsylvania hip hop artist Let em Shine814 presents a lyrical euphoria in the form of his new release ‘Who Am I’ with an unparalleled melodic riff.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Johnstown, Pennsylvania Feb 10, 2021 ( – The contemporary hip hop scene has so many rhythmic styles that it is quite hard to keep track of them. Many gifted musicians have emerged developing their own unique panache. One such gifted artist from Pennsylvania, Let em Shine814 has introduced a brand new and satisfying soundscape, admired by the global hip hop community. He has released another delightful single, Who Am I‘ putting his exceptional storytelling to use. The song is extremely rich in a dynamic lyrical illustration that penetrates the mind of the listeners.

Growing up in Johnstown the talented artist has been influenced by different types of music in his childhood. Though he chose hip hop to be his primary medium of expression, he often blends rhythmic elements from diverse musical forms in his creations. His music is the perfect example of versatility with a sprinkle of his own thematic flavor. Armed with the musical experience that he gained since childhood, the prolific artist has been able to find his ideal sound that represents his thoughts and feelings perfectly.

Working independently, Let em Shine814 has forged a powerful bond with the audience utilizing his freedom from limitations. The heart-rending new track ‘Who Am I’ has a strong impact on the listeners engulfing their minds with its penetrating lyrics. His robust vocal is the turning point in the entire track breathing life into the story. The 28-year-old singer has already created a sensation with his other masterpieces like ‘BLAMX’, ‘THE WAKE’, ‘The Perfect Guy’, and ‘UNSTOPPABLE FORCE’. Follow him on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Facebook for more updates.

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Who Am I by Let em Shine814

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