Award Winner Interior Designer: Dalia Tabbaa Freitekh

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 14, 2021 ( – Interior Designer Dalia Tabbaa Freitekh found herself buying something that never would have darkened her door before the pandemic hit: a blush pink beanbag chair.

The trials of lockdown have led us to crave decorating solutions from easily hauled seats to lush wallpaper murals that transport us to inaccessible locales. As homeowners and interior designers have come up with intrepid fixes for current conundrums, the ingenuity has given rise to micro-trends. The pandemic has caused a sea change in how we live, work, and recreate–one year later, here’s how that’s impacted our homes


  • Heavy-Duty Home Offices

For many, working from home has gone from a rare perk to a company mandate as traditional offices remain closed. As interior designer Dalia Tabbaa Freitekh reports, “Our office has been designing home offices for decades, but whoever thought our clients would actually work there–I mean really, really work there, five days a week, week after week, month after month?”


  • Remote-Learning Spaces

With school transitioning to Zoom as well, having multiple designated workspaces at home is becoming essential to reduce distraction. Whether it be a room converted to a home office or a remote-learning nook within a larger area, clients need clear workspaces for everyone in the household.


  • A New Focus on the Foyer

Entryways, foyers, and mudrooms are getting extra attention these days as people become more cognizant of maintaining sanitary areas and clear divisions between outdoors and in.

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