Lend Your Ears to the Reflective Verses of Veelito’s ‘Come See Him’ in a Christian Hip Hop Approach


Upcoming artist Veelito creates a gliding progression with his latest single, ‘Come See Him’ presenting the verses of contemporary Christian hip hop in a new light.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Bronx, New York Feb 18, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Music artist Veelito is presenting the ideas of Christianity and the Almighty through his intense and expressive lyrical course. He recently collaborated with artist Saved Gem for their new song, ‘Come See Him‘, a lyrical plunge into the Lord’s presence and significance in their lives and identity. The song is set in a Christian hip-hop tone that manages to engage the audience in its natural flow. Both artists come together to pay their tribute and thankfulness towards the Lord and his indispensable role in their lives. The song carries a personality of its own that is presented by the vocal and rhythmic prowess of both artists. With hip hop, it is as if they are able to deliver their opinions and perspectives with a strong mind through the song.

The artists are based out of New York and are associated with the label, S.W.A.T LLC. This is an exposure that allows them to come across new opportunities and knowledge. This again enriches the overall soundscape and ‘Come See Him‘ is an exemplary track of his career. The song combines the various virtues and elements of hip hop while giving it a Christian edge. As a result, hip hop gets closer to various new listeners who also gradually begin to explore their creative horizons. This particular song is already capturing the audience’s attention with its intense and stirring beats. The production also stands out and provides the listeners with a creative and spiritual recreation.

The various opportunities in the scope of hip hop do not come with any benchmarks of standardizations. However, with Christian enamel to their music, artist Veelito is exploring new areas of the music’s collective scope and giving the audience the taste of the same. Some of his other songs that comprise of his inclusiveness, faith, and optimism include, ‘Let thy will be done in me’, ‘Higher Self’, ‘You Go for the physical, and ‘God America’ among many others. His approach identifies with his own beliefs that further help him to structure his music with more honesty and humility. A saga that allows people to accept, heal, and move towards the light, his music values it all. Immerse in this reflective musical journey by following him on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

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