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With Arjun Tours and Travels

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Mar 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Experience the Best of Karnataka 

With Arjun Tours And Travels


theolta.com is a marketplace for all offline travel associates.

This platform will bring to the digital forefront, travel partners like travel agents, tour operators, experience delivery partners (such as Motor Cycle touring Companies, Golfing Companies, and Photography Tours), Travel logistics partners (such as Taxi and bus services), knowledge partners (such as guides and naturalists), shopping boutiques and many more. This helps the customers not only make their travel and holiday plans but do it with some expert advice and inputs from some of the best industry sources.

Experiences in India are all about colours, excitement, fun, people, nature, and a lot, lot more. This unique and diverse experience is what we strive to deliver to travelers from across the world.

Arjun Tours and Travels based out of Bangalore has been a pioneer in the travel and tourism industry for the past three decades. A company that has been built out of passion by Mr. Ravi Menon, the Director and Founder of Arjun Tours and Travels. They have been promoting unique, exotic destinations and experiences in Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. 

Arjun Tours and Travels prides itself on the service that they provide. Mr. Ravi Menon goes on to say how his team of  Chauffeurs is the backbone of his business.  “They are a part of my family, that is the way I look at them and that is the way I treat my team. They then translate that love and affection to my clients and that is what makes that difference”.

The Kambla Race, an exquisite festival in the coastal region of Karnataka is one such exclusive experience that Arjun Tours and Travels promote. The Kambla Race is an annual event held once a year in the coastal regions of Karnataka. The picturesque countrysides, the sights, and the sounds of the festivities in the region have something for everyone. Here one gets to see buffaloes race down slushy paddy fields to the cheers of the onlookers taking you back centuries. This festival is more than just a buffalo race, it is a tradition of the Tulunaadu region and also has religious significance.

We have developed special packages for this festival, at Rs.12,000/-  where travelers can get to experience the best of this event and also get a glimpse of the coastal region of the beautiful state of Karnataka.  

We also work with some of the most exotic resorts in the coastal regions of Karnataka like the Cintacor Island Resort and The Shri Sai Vishram. These resorts are destinations by themselves.

Travel partners like Arjun Tours and Travels find themselves on theolta.com, where they are promoted to not only travelers but business partners alike from all over the world. That is the exciting thing of this platform, to gel in and be a part of the largest travel and tourism community in the world with theolta.com. Realising the potential of each one of these travel partners and what they bring to the table is the beauty of this platform.

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Theolta.com is a market place for the travel and tourism supply chain. It attempts to connect everything related to travel be it travel agents, tour operators, bus tour operators, taxi operators, guides and a lot more to the end consumer.
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