Dallas-based Entrepreneur Captures Beauty and Commerce with her Natural Hair Care Product Line

Sharon Nicole Founder of Magnolia Blends

Magnolia Blends: A Naturally Blended Essence of Beauty!

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Jan 24, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Dallas-based Entrepreneur and Natural Hair Care Product developer, Sharon Nicole, creates a product line to nourish and protect hair in its natural state for women and men of color. Magnolia Blends, a specialty hair care product line, delivers quality, nourishment, and love to every strand of hair.

Sharon Nicole, the hands-on CEO/owner does the researching, studying, formulating, creating, packaging, shipping, and servicing customers. She feels as though it is imperative to immerse herself in the entire process, from ideation to creation. While Sharon deeply loves the creative process, she’ll be the first to admit that this product was born out of necessity–being as though she could never find the right hair care products to give her the results she desired. After trying product after product, and being underwhelmed with the lackluster results, she decided to start doing some research about ingredients that she could use to formulate her own hair care products. After many months of trial and error, this determined entrepreneur finally developed hair care products that delivered the goods. Hence, the birth of Magnolia Blends!

Handmade with love: MAGNOLIA BLENDS are a perfect blend of pure organic butter, organic oils, and natural ayurvedic herbs that are rich in vitamins A, K, C, omega fatty acids, essential oils, and organic fruit extracts. MAGNOLIA BLENDS provides an unparalleled selection of quality products, and easy shopping experience, expedited shipping offers, and exceptional customer service. What’s not to love about Magnolia Blends!

As her product line continues to grow, Sharon Nicole is looking forward to sustained business growth and eventually being blessed with a viable warehouse that will provide jobs to her local community in Dallas. Ultimately, she is working towards creating an opportunity that will land her fabulous products on the shelves of department stores such as Target and Walmart, as well as in beauty supply stores all across the country.

In addition to being the Founder of Magnolia Blends, Sharon Nicole works for one of Fortune 500’s top insurance companies, in their underwriting department. She is also a proud mom deeply devoted to ensuring the academic success of her son. Her drive, perseverance, and motivation are derived from the fact that she wanted to provide a better life for her children. Magnolia Blends is thriving now–but it hasn’t always been this way.

In 2016 when Sharon Nicole decided to take a leap of faith and relocate to Dallas from Louisiana, things got off to a rocky start. She juggled (and struggled) with meeting the daily tasks of her full-time job and making ends meet with the increased cost of living in the bigger city. Sharon no longer had the desire to network or take the necessary steps to grow her business. With bills increasing and no bookings for paying events (for her second entrepreneurial endeavor, IHeart Planning Events & Entertainment) Sharon fell into a deep depression and found herself homeless and depending on transportation by Uber and Lyft. As a result of hardship, Sharon worked a part-time overnight job getting off at 7:00 am to get her son to school by 8:00 am–and then rushing off to clock into her full-time job by 8:30, until she was able to get back on track.

Through sheer determination to succeed, Sharon Nicole is building the business that she always dreamed she would have. Magnolia Blends is a God-send, for Sharon and her loyal customers. Developing this product line has been a lifeline and an absolute blessing, for all parties involved. Sharon enjoys her natural hair journey and found herself sharing her own tips with others on how to take care of their hair. Sharon realized her passion is helping others feel good about themselves and show there are solutions to help achieve and maintain healthy beautiful hair using Natural ingredients and Organic herbs.

Sharon Nicole is looking forward to launching a nonprofit organization that will help teenage mothers and homeless women with children with tools and resources to get proper job training, upkeep of hygiene, computer skills, cooking basics, and more.

2020 was a challenging year for most small business owners, but Sharon can attest to the fact her Faith and strong desire to succeed are the driving forces behind her thriving businesses. She is looking forward to an immeasurably successful 2021!

To learn more about Magnolia Blends, visit www.magnoliablendsnaturals.com.

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