Dragon Raja – after released for a year, we know for sure it’s worth trying!


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Mar 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Dragon Raja was released on 27th, Feb 2020. A year from now, this futuristic anime setting mobile MMORPG has gained over seven million registration. Dragon Raja also won the Best Game Prize of the 16th IMGA awards. It’s safe to say that it has gained enough reputation to celebrate its 1st anniversary.

One of the most liked features of Dragon Raja is its grand and vivid open world. Players can explore freely just like in the real world. For example, standing in the street could cause a traffic jam. And the in-game roles could get cold, hungry, happy, upset, or feelings and these might affect the performance in a fight. Players can also take an epic fall on the slippery ground on a snowy night, have a cup of coffee by the open-air café, or soak in a hot spring. Tons of different fun and real interactions are provided in the Dragon Raja world for players to discover. Players can choose a hardcore way to constantly upgrading and improving ratings. Or they can go leisure mode to make some friends and have some pets.

Another feature that made Dragon Raja stand out is the incredibly stunning graphics. It was developed using the advanced Unreal Engine 4. Dragon Raja brings unbelievably high graphics on mobile devices for the first time. It’s like a pocket-size triple-A console game. The quality of the pictures is so real that you can find all the true details on its architecture, which are built in different styles from all over the world. You can also feel the motion of your skirt while jumping, or the change of leaf vein as the season goes by.

“Time went by so fast in this game. I’ve met a lot of new people, as well as lost some too… I am glad it existed and will still keep on playing.”

“It is such an amazing game that I feel like living another life inside DR world. Love the feature that you can create your own face and body to be whoever you want to be.”

 “Great game, brought me so much joy during the COVID-19 quarantine period. Looking forward to more features!”

Seeing this feedbacks from real players. You will know how attractive the game is. Players stick to the game for its multiple gameplay features. That not only they find the storyline fascinating, but also all the friends made under the social system doubled the joy. Dragon Raja offers a soul mate system to let you bond with your partner, an heir system so you can raise the baby with your soul mate, and also a pet system so you can enjoy company from those cute creatures.

Recently the celebration of the 1st anniversary of this game is coming to an end. Loads of gifts are giving away to celebrate this huge event. Players spontaneously created fan arts and videos summarizing a year’s joy. The game offers in English, Russian, German, and French. It will be such a loss if you don’t try this game!

Download Dragon Raja here: http://bitly.ws/bT7h

Official Website: https://dragonraja.archosaur.com

Follow Dragon Raja’s Official Facebook Page for More Activities: https://www.facebook.com/DragonRajaEN/



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