Will the pandemic finally get restaurateurs to embrace QR codes?


QR code can represent both a shortcut for service in dining rooms as well reducing risks of infections

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Mar 8, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Sluurpy is a worldwide social food network where users can meet and decide on the place they are going to reserve a table or order online. The main idea behind Sluurpy is to reduce the distances between the need of people willing to eat and serving good food through the digitalization of information and, overall, of original menus. As regards the latter, Sluurpy has accomplished great results by digitalizing more than 1.100.000 menus worldwide.

Yet, in the pandemic period, the digitalization process is more useful than ever. Against the darkness of the COVID-19 storm, a flickering light gives glimpses of the power of data and digital tools to protect and improve health and wellbeing and inspires hope of what is to come the future of the “new normality” for restaurants. Among the several innovative tools, one is capturing the attention of entrepreneurs.

After a decade of mockery and dismissal, QR codes–those little black-and-white square patterns you scan with your phone to pull up a website–are finally having their moment. During the pandemic, when nobody wants to touch anything, reopened restaurants have replaced paper menus with QR codes (and used the digital patterns to rescue soda machines).

There are a lot of obvious upsides to relying on QR codes during this pandemic. Fewer items to touch and wash, less contact with servers, and more and easier ways to obtain important health and contact info from diners. But there are also very real advantages to keeping QR code menus well past the COVID-19 outbreak. Much touchless ordering options for customers with the usage of QR codes are expected also after the current outbreak.

Simone Giovannini – Sluurpy’s founder and CEO – states: “The new infections cases communicated daily by the media are concerning people of practicing their habits, once considered not dangerous, as ordering and eating in restaurants. We, as Sluurpy, want to decrease the idea that going to restaurants is risky. How do we intend to do that? We want to help to diminish the contacts between waiters and customers and so helping restaurateurs in reducing the physical distances they have to maintain in order to improve hygiene conditions. Restaurant owners can upload the menu, download it and print it in their restaurant for free. We wanted to give the signal that we care about the new needs of restaurant owners and we want to update our service for them.”

Simone Giovannini’s vision seems to be utopistic in the short-term, but, still, he ensures that the natural transition toward digitalization needs a further push, and he urges other digital companies to contribute in the process in order to save both restaurant and customers’ health.

“I think this is going to be one of those pandemic-era pushes that may change how we interact with menus for the long haul.” – concludes Giovannini -” It won’t be for everyone (especially at the high end) but I imagine some restaurants will never go back to paper”.


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