FEELSOUL just released a fantastic new release: The Seams

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Morristown, New Jersey Mar 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – FEELSOUL just released a fantastic new release: The Seams


March 2021 – FEELSOUL is a recording artist who developed a warm, personal sound, which consists of a blend of various influences. His music reminds me of the energy of hip-hop and the impact of indie music, while also exploring other groundbreaking creative ideas and other sounds. From jazz, to lo-fi, anything goes!

FEELSOUL has been quite busy recording new stuff, and he recently came up with a new release titled The Seams. This song highlights the artist’s dedication to creating quality music, and it stands out due to its consistency and quality production. The vocal flow is energetic and direct, and it immediately creates a really good contrast between the main vocal lines and the instruments, which are generally a bit more chill and moody. The guitar parts especially are quite awesome, in the vein of indie artists such as Mac De Marco or Dead Rituals, just to mention a few. If you do enjoy the work of hip-hop artists such as Tyler The Creator, Anderson.Paak, or A Tribe Called Quest, you are going to connect with The Seams. The lyrics are also quite inspiring. It’s really all about following your dreams and not getting fooled by the duplicity of people. Sometimes, nothing is what it seems, and instead, it’s like we’re bursting open at our seams! This not an exact paraphrasing of the song, but it’s a way a listener could interpret the meaning – I love how the seems / seams rhymes are organized, giving the artist the opportunity to start a deep lyrical discourse, which dives deeper into some existential topics as well. I love hip-hop songs that go beyond the “usual” lyrical cliches of the genre, and this is definitely an example of how to make it all work in a very special way.

FEELSOUL seems to be comfortable getting creative and thinking outside the box, and this is exactly why this release is so special and forward-thinking.

Find out more about FEELSOUL, and do not miss out on The Seams. This release is currently available on Spotify, as well as other digital music streaming services on the web.


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