FIFTH DIRECTION Announces Release of On-Demand Training Course

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Emotional Integration Training Teaches Anyone to Manage Their Emotions to Create Lasting Change

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Galveston, Texas Mar 13, 2021 ( – FIFTH DIRECTION is pleased to announce that its Emotional Integration Training course is now available for immediate download for just US$99. The training, which was previously only offered on an individual basis over 11-weeks and cost US$990, has been packaged into an 11-Session video course which anyone, anywhere can begin using to start making lasting, positive change for themselves. The complete course can be purchased at with immediate access to all eleven lessons plus all supplementary materials. The course is convenient and easy to follow, in step-by-step, bite-sized pieces which presents a viable way for people to learn to manage their emotions, leading to life-long results. Lesson 1 is available for anyone to preview for free on the company’s YouTube Channel: .

The course walks people through the process which is based on mindfulness of body sensations and awareness of triggers. A trigger is defined as anything that causes involuntary body sensations. This is the sign letting the person know “school is in session” – it’s time to learn something about what my emotions are teaching me. By unwinding these triggers a person can begin addressing the underlying causes which are related to beliefs developed in early childhood.

People try to change every day. They think they want to change, they put a plan in place, and may even make some progress. But far too often they lapse back into old behavior. The solution is not to change your thinking in order to change your behavior as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy asserts. The solution is to change at an emotional level – otherwise, in stress, my emotions will override what I’m thinking every time. Emotional change can bring lasting results. The course shows you how and also adds a much more interesting piece of life purpose. Why am I here?  What touches, moves, and inspires me?  That’s what I want to do. Following my passion and purpose is much easier than trying to not do something.  

“We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback on how easy the course is to follow – it seems simple and it is, but no one has ever broken it down quite like this before,” said Dean Sims, Director at FIFTH DIRECTION, “Simple enough for a 1st Grader we believe.”

Positive Client Results

“I’ve been able to use the exercises to get in touch with what I’m feeling in my body and can now identify the emotions that are connected to my body sensations,” said John Solomon, client. “This is a game-changer when it comes to being present and lowering anxiety.”  Mr. Solomon is now going back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work after having been inspired by working through the material! 

Founded in 2003, FIFTH DIRECTION is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to enhance the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of people in the community. The organization is focused on delivering educational materials and spiritual resources to individuals and groups to help them live more authentic and meaningful lives thereby positively impacting the community at large.


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FIFTH DIRECTION provides practical applications of spiritual care and science to help people become their most authentic selves.
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