Digital Giraffe is Setting the Standard With Another Game Changer in Krepildockerschpe

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- College Station, Texas Apr 26, 2021 ( – The Supreme Team is pleased to announce the latest release from Digital Giraffe’s to hit the “interwaves” in late April. The new track, Krepildockerschpe, was named after a book by the artist’s alter ego, Corinne Whitaker. Clocking in at just over 16 minutes, the piece can best be described as an ethereal electronic music soundscape. It starts slowly and compellingly with overtones of ecstasy, peppered with voice samples in a language that I, unfortunately, can’t understand, but is intriguing. 

Corinne Whitaker, aka the Digital Giraffe, has been acclaimed for 43 years as one of the pioneering artists in the fields of digital imaging and digital sculpture. She has exhibited worldwide in over 80 solo and 260 group exhibitions, including a large solo exhibit entitled “Corinne Whitaker dot Uncom” at the San Bernardino County Museum, “No Rules” at the Peninsula Museum in Burlingame, CA., and “CyberSphere” at Stanford University. She presented the first digital fine art exhibition in India and has shown work in Thailand, Germany, England, Japan, Russia, France, China, Singapore, and Italy. 

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She has shown at the Austin Museum of Digital Art and the Museum of Computer Art. She has lectured extensively on the radical new iconography offered by the computer, including “Look Ma. No Paintbrush!” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In 2007 Whitaker exhibited at Art Biennale in Florence, Italy. In 2010 she exhibited her work at United States Biennale in New York City. In 2011 her solo show “Mind Over Matter” took place at Evolve the Gallery in Sacramento, California. Ten of her digital sculptures are located in DAAP, the world’s first virtual sculpture park online. In 2014 she was included in “Best of 2014” at ARC Gallery in Chicago. In 2015 she was one of the distinguished sculptors invited to participate in an International Conference on 3D printing at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. 

In 2021 she is one of 20 international sculptors selected to participate in a digital sculpture exhibition at the Galerie Maitre Albert in Paris, juried by an international panel of experts from Europe, China, America, and the Pacific. In 2022 she will have a large solo show of digital paintings and sculpture at the Monterey Museum of Art in California, titled “Leaves of Glass”.

Whitaker is one of the featured artists in the CD ROM and book, “Women Artists of the American West”. Her work has won over 30 awards, including “Best in CyberArt” and two Golden Web Awards as well as an Artist’s Fellowship Award from the City of Pasadena. She is featured in “Art of the Digital Age”, as well as the DVD set “International Digital Sculpture, 2009”. She is also the author of 31 books of digital paintings and poetry. ( Whitaker’s award-winning Digital Giraffe online journal, ( now in its 27th year of web publication, has been visited by 203 nations. It presents a changing exhibit of digital sculpture, sculptural renderings, and paintings along with features, critiques, and articles, most of them archived online for the free use of scholars, curators, academics, art lovers, and critics.

Whitaker has been actively involved in the art community. For ten years she ran the Digital Giraffe gallery in Carmel, California. She has been a Board Member of the Fellows of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the

Carmel Gallery Alliance. She founded and curated the “Sculpture Withindoors” exhibit at the Carmel Art Festival. She is represented by the Paul Mahder Gallery in Healdsburg, CA.

The Artists Reflection

Think Eastern flow rather than a Western linear narrative. Picture yourself on the fringe of an exoplanet, on the cusp of infinity, where rhythm is meaningless and pattern nonexistent. You hear languages that have never been spoken, sounds you’ve never heard, meanings that have never been probed. Your past has been wiped out and an unknown tomorrow beckons. Let A.I. lead you into the land of Krepildockerschpe.

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