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Team Celake, Take Care, The Comrade we thrive on quality, commitment, and having a solid team of people who instill these qualities in their everyday lives. For those of you who do not know the man who founded {TC}, let me introduce you to the Founder, Board of directors, Muhammad Qayyum.

Muhammad Qayyum was born and raised in Singapore, Where he attended the National Level in Woodgroves Secondary School graduated with Appraisals for his commitments with the Ministry of Educations in creating a short video of awareness. He completed National Service in Singapore Police Force and went through rigorous training in an appointment at Special Operations Command and passed out as an Assistant Trainer in Special Operations Training Centre.

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How was {TC} founded?

Smartphone Applications BIGO live in 2016 wasn’t as popular as now, He started by interacting with strangers in-app, with his cherish behavior, his followers and fans started to grow in just a month using the app, he decides to create a community by the name of Team Celake on 25th November 2016.

As the Group of strangers became friends and now what they say, family, exploiting {TC} with their sense of humor by entertaining others in-app, back then I started in Singapore and now in Malaysia and also Indonesia. With over 50 active members committed to {TC} vision and mission together. He established {TC} Management and appointed members to participate in upholding the family alongside.


Is {TC} a company?

Muhammad Qayyum, looking for opportunities in giving others knowledge, Skills, and Experience to bring forward {TC} Agenda. {TC} started from point zero to a Profiting community and opens up the opportunity to members for their skill and by supporting them forward in many ways, The Comrade was established as the profiting side for {TC} with their Supply Co. and so the Founder decide to implement Law and order to control peace and discipline members, today with the implementation of PDPA, VNVCA, Members are well protected by {TC}.


What are the benefits did {TC} promised for their members?

Muhammad Qayyum created a path for members to discipline them in a way to not forget about GIVING is HOPE. The established Take Care for Charity purposes, Take Care has been doing charity work in Indonesia with the help of members in Indonesia to carry out charity work that was instructed by the Board Members of {TC} GROUP, the Group consisting 3 other personnel who manage {TC} all 3 personnel’s has their own positions to ensure that {TC} is in order. Muhammad Qayyum manages to ensure that his team is well managed by giving them assurance in Benefits such as Gifts and etc.


Does {TC} has stable funding?

In times to come {TC} GROUP is preparing for huge changes where members will not need to fund the family funds. Their regenerating Funds come from The Comrade Supply Co. which not yet published & while Recording Studio is in the process.


What is the accumulated value spent for {TC}?

The founder, Muhammad Qayyum has spent a total of Five Thousand Singapore Dollars from 2018 till today in appreciating his fellow members with benefits, Events. He is even and willing to uphold {TC} in many ways whether it is from Money, Physically, or Mentally. This is one of the reasons people respected him as what he is today.


How many were affiliated with {TC}?

A total of 3 Active establishments, The Comrade Supply Co., Take Care Charity and lastly, Team Celake are being managed by {TC} GROUP. With appointed directors to manage with the affiliates.

Mohamed Faizal Bin Mohamed Yunos is being appointed as the Director for Take Care Charity, Abdul Latiff Bin Mohamad Salleh appointed as the Director for Team Celake and lastly, Mohammad Azlee Bin Amin is the Director for The Comrade Supply Co.

The Brain behind {TC} was Muhammad Qayyum the Leading Director for {TC} GROUP.


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