Gold-Backed Token Lists on Bitrue Exchange

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Sydney, New South Wales May 10, 2021 ( – xbullion has announced its listing on the global trading exchange Bitrue.

xbullion’s gold token, ticker GOLD, is secured by 1 gram of 9999/LBMA physical gold which is physically owned by the token holder. The gold is secured in best-of-class geo- disbursed vaults and subject to regular audits.

The GOLD token presents an opportunity to invest directly in gold while avoiding many of the costs and challenges associated with traditional physical ownership. It also represents a decreased level of volatility in comparison to other tokens on the cryptocurrency markets.

“Our GOLD token takes away the headaches of investors having to organise storage, auditing, and insurance while still owning the underlying physical asset”, said David Lightfoot, CEO of xbullion. “From the investors’ perspective, the price of our token will always equal the current gold rate with the attendant potential for an increase in the value of gold itself. Our token offers immutable transactions, total transparency, and risk diversification which are all highly desirable by investors at the moment”.

Subject to minimum redemption and limited delivery fees, GOLD also offers investors the opportunity to redeem their tokens for the underlying physical gold at any time.

xbullion has partnered with some of the world’s most trusted institutions, including BDO, Stonex, and Baird & Co, to ensure the cost-effective, secure, and stable delivery of its GOLD token.

For further information please contact David Lightfoot at [email protected]

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