The Orange Wreck has Come Up with Jagged Edges in their Brilliant Rock Number ‘More Beheadings’

More Beheadings by The Orange Wreck

The very talented rock band The Orange Wreck has charged up the ambiance with stunning vibes of contemporary rock in the magnificent track ‘More Beheadings’.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Sacramento, California May 13, 2021 ( – The rock band, The Orange Wreck has used great chord influences and amazing groove in their latest track. They have dished out a catchy melody with a memorable edge in the track More Beheadings‘ from the 6-track EP ‘More Beheadings’. The track has been released by the futuristic record label ‘Boneyard Records Music Group’ that has avant-garde facilities. The band members have come up with an inspired performance in the track with great narration. The shared updates by the popular rock band are available on their Facebook profile.

The track, ‘More Beheadings’ has got strong melodies with great flickers of instrumentation. The song is soaked in jazz and creates a flabbergasting melodic mood with its profound groove. The band, The Orange Wreck has deftly fused many genres and offers a great audio experience for the listeners. The mesmerizing vocal improvisation and the heavy metal realms are exquisite. The audiences are eager about their lined-up projects and they get enough information through updates that are shared by the band members on their Instagram handle.

The rock band has captivated the fans with a lively pace in their track. They have etched out a high octane rhythm with infectious vibes of rock. The band has got a uniquely creative approach and their tracks are played on mainstream airplay and podcasts. The upfront vocals are etched out with passionate vibes and grit. The track has got a rhythmic appeal and it is a relentless performance with great melodic contrast. Most of the tracks by the band are streamed on apps like Spotify. 

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