Dr. Edward Zuckerberg is Set to Appear at the AlphaShow for an Interview with Dr. Bak Nguyen

Dr Edward Zuckerberg

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Quebec, Canada May 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, a dentist by profession is all set to appear in an interview for the AlphaShow podcast with Dr. Bak Nguyen. The podcast will give audiences a glimpse at the world through the lens of dentistry through the expert’s mouth.

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg has pioneered many painless techniques to help patients who suffered from dental fears and anxieties. He is an early adopter of technological advancements in the field of dentistry. Apart from his medical innovation, at the very beginning of the digital age, he soon has disruptive social media marketing perceptions that allow him to showcase his dental office and increase the relationship with his clients, and also becomes a mentor for social marketing in his industry as well. 

He has been in the field for many years now and has long-term staff who have been working with him for more than 17-23 years. He also possesses interpersonal skills and is good at calming his patient with his beautiful office space and waiting room set up complete with an aquarium. Apart from implementing painless techniques, he is also one of the first practices to go paperless in his clinic. His legacy has made him a true alpha spirit and his presence on the show only elevates his aura and knowledge to new degrees.

In the interview, Dr. Edward shares his exclusive views on the dentistry of the past, the present, and the future. He shares that today, the scope of dentistry has magnified with dentists on every corner. He looks back to when he started and shares that during those times, no one has a global awareness of the dentist as a businessperson. There was no internet in 1979 and hence, nobody really knew what to expect in the next turn. In the interview, interviewer Dr. Bak Nguyen stated that Covid changed a lot of things in dentistry and Edward agrees strongly. His words about the pandemic are full of wisdom and insight. He shares that people have been really quick to adapt to necessary changes during these trying times. According to him, the pandemic has forced everyone to embrace more virtual practice and cut down on countless disposable. Through video calls, a trip to the office or the doctor’s appointment can be cut down from long hours to just 5 minutes. With respect to the appointments with his patients, he said that everything from information gathering to checking medical history and check-ins can be done virtually.

Dr. Edward and the Alphas share the same vision of a future that is exciting with virtual reality playing a big role in dentistry education as well when you can watch live dental practice from another clinic. He mentions that now is an exciting time to be young with every other technological advantage at our disposal. 

Watch the full interview here

Dr. Bak is among The Alphas to reinvent themselves, to save the economy and the dental industry. The Alphas will lead innovation and flexibility toward a better future. Joining him are some of the world’s leading experts, thinkers, and drivers who collectively pave the way for a flourishing future through motivation, inspiration, and knowledge.

Dr. Bak is a cosmetic dentist, CEO, and founder of Mdex & Co. His company is revolutionizing the dental field. Speaker and motivator, he holds many world records the biggest being the world record of writing 72 books in 36 months. His books cover topics across entrepreneurship, leadership, quest of identity, dentistry and medicine parenting, children books, and philosophy. In 2003, he founded Mdex, a dental company, and in 2018, he launched the most ambitious private endeavor to reform the dental industry, Canada-wide. In 2016, he co-founded with Tranie Vo, Emotive World Inc, a tech research company to uses technology to empower happiness and sharing. In 2020, he launched an international collaborative initiative named THE ALPHAS to share knowledge to entrepreneurs and doctors to thrive through the greatest pandemic and economic depression of our time. These projects have allowed Dr. Nguyen to attract interests from the international and diplomatic community and he is now the center of global discussion in the wellbeing and the future of the health profession. Know more about his work on https://baknguyen.com/ or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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