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Diane Canada LIVE – Weekdays at 3pm Ct Across Major Social Media

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Nashville, Tennessee May 24, 2021 ( – Diane Canada, 2020 Candidate for Tennessee State House of Representatives, launches a faith-based, political Talk Show. The show’s purpose is to build conservative women of influence with the motto, “Lady Up and Don’t Quit”. The show airs across major social media channels every weekday at 3 pm CT/4 pm ET/1 pm PT.

The show is visually appealing to watch and is also available across all major Podcast channels within hours of the LIVE airing. A pre-selected Roster of commentators, along with special guests, join Diane in robust and timely topics in a conversational style of broadcast. 

After receiving numerous calls from moms and grandmothers who were genuinely worried about the turn of events post-election, and expressing desperate interest in wanting to become more politically engaged, she decided to start a daily show to help teach them how. 

“My phone started blowing up from my female friends after the presidential election results came in. Moms are genuinely fearful that their children’s futures are at stake and that they won’t grow up in a free country. Nothing motivates a mom like messing with her kids. So, this new show helps to calm their fear by teaching them how to put it to work productively. Women are out of the stands and on the field now. We’re teaching them how to play ball.” – Diane Canada

The Show Increases Influence:

  • Women understand politics in a more simplified way so they can discuss issues more confidently

  • Women learn how to find common ground with people of all races and attract them to our conservative values without the conflict

  • Women Learn the right steps to take to help stop the progressives from gaining ground with their radical agendas, including indoctrinating our kids

  • Women learn to work in sync with well-established conservative women’s groups to increase influence both in their communities & legislatively

  • Personal courage increases, knowing they’re not alone 

The show streams LIVE at 3 pm CT across these major social media channels: Facebook @dianecanadaLIVE, YouTube at Diane Canada LIVE, on LinkedIn @dianecanadaLIVE, and on Twitter @dianecanadaLIVE

Diane Canada specializes in teaching women’s leadership. Among her contributions and areas of service: Public Relations Chairman for the legendary Nashville Republican Women’s Club, Founding Board Member of the American Bible Project, Author of the new book, Lady Up + Don’t Quit, Women’s Leadership Speaker – Founder of Lady Like Leaders, Teaches the entrepreneurial curriculum as a part of the B.E.S.T. program in the Tennessee maximum-security prison for women, 2 Decades as Business Consultant w/ focus on Women Business Owners – Co-Founder of the Tennessee Entrepreneur Initiative, Former Nashville Political Advocate for National Association of Women Business Owners, Pro Songwriter w/ International TV Show



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Diane Canada LIVE
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