Interview with Golden Palm Award Winning Social Media Specialist and Author Alaattin Cagil

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Who is Alaattin Cagil? Interview with Alaattin Cagil! We asked everything about Social Media. What is a Social Media Specialist? What does a Digital Media Specialist do?

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Istanbul, Turkey May 27, 2021 ( – Interview with Golden Palm Award-Winning Social Media Specialist and Digital Strategist Alaattin Cagil
Hello, Mr. Alaattin, as Kadinja, we thank you very much for your time in responding positively to our interview invitation.

Firstly, if you look at yourself as an outsider in order to get to know you better, who is Alaattin Cagil?
I’ve been intertwined with games and technology since I was young. Thanks to this, I have had times when I have had an advantage in many digital issues. I was doing activity ads on my Facebook groups when I was 14 or 15. I concentrated a little more on digital, thinking it might be a job. Of course, at that time, there were no such jobs or professions; I was just trying to make a profit. When I started seeing these things as a job, then I explored the digital world further. I have constantly researched to acquire a profession and to improve myself in this field … While I have touched on how I started a digital business, let me talk about what I like and do…
I love to follow the news on a daily basis, especially I enjoy following the news about my work. I’m trying to learn about developments and changes. There are things that I am constantly dealing with on the computer; the reason for this is to be able to continuously improve without any deficiencies in those areas. Some of these are editing, editing, Photoshop, and social media sponsored advertisements… Apart from these, I like to play computer games, sometimes I watch and play billiards, I like to travel and see like everyone else. But these constantly change in people’s lives. I like billiards these days, I’m watching, but 3 years ago I was watching F1, I’m following. Something is constantly changing. New tastes, new flavors, new things are always interesting and I like to do more than one thing. It feels like I was using time more profitably then. Like watching documentaries / TV series while eating, listening to music while reading a book, doing other things while talking on the phone… So doing 2-3 jobs at the same time feels like saving time.

What is a social media specialist for you?
A social media specialist is a person who can enable a brand/person to reach their target audience in more economical ways. For example, if you reach 100,000 people for which you have an advertisement with 1000 TL, the social media specialist should have reached more people with the same fee and people related to your target audience in addition. Don’t think of it as just advertising on Facebook. Choosing the right channels for you and enabling you to use those channels in a professional way shows that you are a specialist who knows his job, enabling you to reach your target audience.

What do social media specialists do?
To this question, “What is a social media specialist? How do you become?” I want to answer with a chapter from my book.
What is not a social media specialist?
-It is not an account manager; it is social media account managers who manage accounts.
-It is not a graphic designer; graphic design is a separate job and is done by a graphic designer.
-It is not a video editor. They are not people who are interested in editing and audio for videos. They are specialists who do these jobs and have professions. There are professions such as audio technician, video editor, special effects specialist.
-A social media specialist is not someone who knows or needs to know all social media. Social media is vast and therefore specialists have specific areas of expertise. For example, a specialist is very expert in Facebook and Instagram. It knows the language and advertising model of these platforms, it knows the ad management panel completely, but it is not that good on Twitter. Likewise, another specialist is very successful on LinkedIn … Mastering social media as much as you can, will allow you to collaborate for a long time with the people or brands you work with. The more knowledge, equipment, and competence you have in many areas, the more efficiently you can return in line with the questions asked and the desired demands. Thus, the people or institutions you serve do not have to deal with other people.
-It is not a follower seller. I just know that there are no terms for people selling followers. However, there are people who sell followers to their customers as Specialists, Consultants, or Digital Marketers. I leave the comment to you, not commenting much on this.
-It is not a Computer Technician or a formatter. There are those who really ask. ???? “Mr. Alaattin, Windows gives an error on my PC, how to fix it?”
-It is not a Telephone Technician. Even when they have a problem on the phone, they ask us …
Social media is not the solution to mistakes. Account or identity theft, don’t forget the password, don’t forget mail, various errors and problems experienced within the platform… It is not the one who knows how to solve them. But knowing their solution is an advantage. But remember, it’s not up to you to solve an advertising problem on Facebook, for example. This is in the hands of Facebook. So don’t hold yourself responsible for such problems on these platforms. Even big brands make pretty simple mistakes. Most of the time, they can’t even find the solution themselves. But you have to remember that if it disrupts your work, you have to solve this problem somehow. ???? Therefore, I recommend that you improve yourself on these issues.
-It is not a Social Mediator; it is a Social Media Specialist.
-It is not someone who deals with social media hacking.

It’s not the one who took over your ex-girlfriend’s account. 🙂

What is the situation that leads you to the profession of social media specialist?
It’s an area I’ve been fondly interested in since an early age. The most important reason to do a job is that you love it. Even if you make a lot of money from a job you don’t like, you can’t be happy enough. Your time will wear you down and make you unhappy. The most important thing that drives me is that I like this job.

How does a person who is a social media specialist achieve success?
If their campaigns are successful and the companies/people their work with say, “Yes, thanks to you, we have achieved our goal in a good way”, this is a success. In fact, successfully together they are a reference. A lot of reference means a lot of experience. Being able to pass on their experience to people and sustain it is a success. (My humble idea)

What do you pay attention to when posting on social media?
I pay particular attention to things that don’t discriminate between religion, language, race. I usually take care to share good and loving things. I use Instagram more like a blog. Places I love and travel, products, foods, etc.

What are the ways to be a phenomenon in social media?
I don’t think it is right to be called a phenomenon from the beginning. I think Influencer is a more accurate word. I think the phenomenon can be called more different and larger influencers. If you want to be a phenomenon or influencer, the most important thing you have to do is create a cause. Why should people follow you? Some ask why annoying people are being followed. They are annoying + they have a different style of their own. Even if you don’t follow, there are a lot of people who follow them.

You’ve been awarded many awards in the field of social media. Which of these awards made you most happy?
In fact, many of them are awards that I have been awarded for my work. All of them are more beautiful and valuable than the others. They all have special memories for me.

When and how did the idea of starting 2ROI Media Advertising Company come about?
The company is still operating. But, at the moment, I continue with my team, not as 2 ROI Media, but as Alaattin Cagil.

What are your company’s activities?
We mainly provide digital media services. We have many services in the field of digital media, and especially social media consultancy. We also do content production, screenwriting, and production work.

Advertisements for the promotion of municipalities, national and international films have your signature. What would you like to tell us about that?
I don’t know what I can say other than saying that we are working. ????


social media specialist alaattin cagilsocial media specialist alaattin cagil

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