The Missing Child: Amazing Tigress Mother’s Love You Won’t Believe Exist

The missing cub

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Jun 1, 2021 ( – Wildlife photographer Chandan recently published several images which expand our understanding of complex relationships within animal families. His image of a Tigress mother grieving for her lost child in her own unique way was featured by several leading online wildlife forums, with experts amazed at this human-like behavior.

In this image, you can see the Tigress drinking water with her cubs. At first glance, there is nothing extraordinary happening here. However, Tigers usually huddle together while drinking water. This Tigress was no exception, but lately, she had been leaving some space between her and her cubs. She was keeping a spot for her missing cub. The cub, a male, had gone missing a few days ago, perhaps killed by another Tiger or humans. The tigress has been saving a spot for him ever since, in hope that he will come back one day, running, growling into her arms.   

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Chandan Pal, the wildlife photographer who took this picture says, “There is nothing quite like mother’s love. And mother nature has a way of reminding us that we are not alone when it comes to emotions like love, care, and even remembrance. The animal kingdom is flush with caring moms – moms who would willingly sacrifice their own lives to protect their young.”

Ever since this photo was put on Instagram, it has been shared across wildlife pages, garnering over a million views. The same photographer had earlier documented a series on a Macaque family looking after a sick baby.

“The baby couldn’t move much and seemed to be in a lot of pain and fear. The adults huddled together and closed their eyes – as if praying to the presiding deity. I took a few pictures and then switched off the camera as they seemed disturbed by the shutter noise. As I watched them, I wondered if they are any different from me – love affection, care, and even a solemn prayer are not restricted to the domain of humans. Their pain didn’t seem very different from mine. Their bonds didn’t seem any weaker than mine. Our brains may have evolved but is our heart that different?”, said Chandan.

These images are challenging our understanding of animal behavior and its complex world. You can follow more of Chandan’s work at

A solemn prayer

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