Fudge takes New Initiative for ICO starting from 1st July 2021

Fudge Token ICO

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Madrid, Spain Jun 10, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Fudge, the decentralized digital currency parallel to Ethereum and Bitcoin, is now ready to take on a new journey to simplify issues on investment. Volatility is no doubt one of the most common features noticed in digital coins. Well, this high-tech blockchain-based digital currency is here to offer worthy rewards to the community through a continuous token bonus. Also, a huge monthly free token is said to be distributed amongst the holders. Fudge understands the advantages of being community-driven and keeping that particular thing in mind, it is now going to introduce their ICO. 

Well, this Initial Coin Offering, being one of the most popular fundraising methods, is expected to diminish half of the issues related to cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Fudge is expecting a huge excitement around due to this latest announcement. Any individual can consider buying this ICO at a low price and enjoy their part of financial freedom as well. The team is also looking forward to setting up a plan for a smart charity wallet. A fine portion of the accumulated transaction tax will be sent to a charity to fulfill some good causes. This periodic charity will be done as a community driver initiative. 

However, all Fudge holders will now get the right to access the governance system. It is a popular platform where any holder can vote or make some future suggestions. Fudge puts the power into your court so that it can brush up its features to become more beneficial to your financial use. Another huge opportunity for the holders is here as it goes like – the holders can now utilize Fudge token to farm NFTs in the cloud. This community-driven service provider has taken an oath to do a smart token burn every 3 months. It will further reduce the available supply and help in maintaining a balance as well. 

FUDGE has always kept it unique rather than other communities. It charges an 8% fee to any individual who wishes to sell their token. And 50% of this transaction fee is therefore redistributed amongst other FUDGE owners. It seems FUDGE takes care of those who truly hang onto their tokens as well as disincentivizes the selling. Well, the 20% of each initial transaction fee, therefore, gets compounded, and right then it is added to the liquidity pool. 

This community-driven service provider has further pointed out 3 phases of investing that clearly showcase its transparency of investment. However, when it comes to ICO, some of the previous ones have already yielded massive returns for the investors. And that’s why FUDGE is excited about this new project. An individual who wishes to opt for ICO must have some fundamental knowledge on purchasing a digital currency and how to use crypto wallets and exchange. It will help them add a quick extra amount to their wallet as well. To get a fair idea on FUDGE and its latest initiative, one can now head over to https://www.fudgetoken.com/ or feel free to connect on telegram: @fudgetokens

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