How Ela Duys Became The Real IG Queen

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jun 20, 2021 ( – Social Media has become a vital tool in the growth of businesses. It helps close the relationship between consumers and organizations through content, a less invasive approach for selling. 

The Pandemic became an opportunity for more people to understand the importance of Social Media. It also increased users’ traffic online, making it more challenging to compete in a digital environment. “Social media can overwhelm and require too much creative juice to stay on top of every day. I get it! It doesn’t have to be that way”–Shares Content Creator and puppy lover Ela Duys.

The beginning

As Ela says, there are resources to ensure businesses establish brand presence and build a community online, like business coaches. 

Ela Duys, an Australian Instagram coach, has tried all the hacks and gimmicks regarding social media growth. Everything started for Ela at 21 while studying Public Relations and Marketing as well as completing her studies in Fashion Design. These disciplines helped her develop her creative abilities and strategic thinking.

Because of the lack of job opportunities in Perth, Duys started her business. Leveraging all the aptitudes she got from her academic path, she and a friend founded a swimwear and activewear label called Ela & Jackson. Looking for a place to grow the fashion label, Ela became one of the early adopters of Instagram. She skyrocketed her business using the platform’s features and her strategies. 

Ela could grow the brand so quickly, people started asking for guidance. They even offered to hire her.

The turning points

Three years ago, Ela moved to Adelaide because of her husband’s job. They didn’t know anybody, and she didn’t have a job. Eventually, she worked for a big company, and after six months, she followed her heart. Her mentor, Elsa, pushed her and said: “You got this. You are super talented”. She gave some of her social media client work to Ela to prove she could do this.

“Starting my business was the scariest thing I ever did. I had self-doubt and fear of judgment, and it has been the best thing I did for my personal development”. Ela described herself as introverted and shy. She still overcame this, and now she coaches others to do the same. “I feel like I can finally be myself without caring what everyone thinks! It has helped in speaking and shyness. – I pride myself in the ability to figuring things out and solving problems”.

The mind.

Ela is incredibly passionate. “My level of commitment and consistency to all my clients. I create a bespoke strategy for every business I work with, and the service I provide to both my coaching and management clients separates me”. 

You may find her with a takeout cappuccino in her hand, translating her soul on the keys of her laptop’s keyboard, crafting her next viral post. “I teach others strategies that I have implemented for myself and my businesses. Not just something that I learned from someone. I always stay ahead of my competition by being an early adopter for the products and services that I offer”. She’s a Social Media Junkie at heart. Starting her business allowed her creativity to flow, filling her with immense joy. “Last year, I released Instagram Story Stickers used to decorate your stories, and it’s now something I am known for. I get many people following me because of my stories”. Says Ela.

The present.

In April 2019, Ela started a YouTube channel as a part of her business. At the end of that year, she and her “insta-husband,” Bart Duys, started a podcast where (aside from sharing their mutual love for wine and their efforts to balance home and work life), they shared social media and business knowledge.

If you want to fall in love with this quirky, intellectual, and cute Aussie couple, as much as we did, you can listen to them on The Influenced Podcast.

When Ela first started, she couldn’t imagine the success she would have now. “I didn’t have many followers and around four clients, but I was very consistent and worked incredibly hard for my clients so that the word would spread organically and across multiple social media platforms, not only Instagram.” She never gave up, even if it meant sacrificing her free time. “Work-life balance soon goes out the window when you’re working long hours and trying to build a business.”

Now, she has grown to have a company that is 100% online with employees around the world. Ela has worked with thousands of companies worldwide and has spent no money on advertising. “We were using marketing attraction methods to draw followers, leads, enquires, and sales to us!” Shares Ela. 


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