Expansion and new brands coming to The Josie Network means more opportunities as the network family continues to grow!

Owners Josie PassantinoBoone and Tinamarie Passantino

The Josie Network is continuing to make an immense difference in the Independent Music Industry. This rapidly growing organization adds a second parent company with two additional new ventures that are preparing to launch.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Nashville, Tennessee Jun 21, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The Josie Network of Brands Announces another expansion of its rapidly growing organization.  The creation of a second parent company and two additional subsidiaries will be formed by the organization launching the first this fall and the second in the summer of 2022, both subsidiaries benefiting those in the independent music industry.  The new subsidiaries will be officially announced at the 7th Annual Josie Music Awards Event on September 18th.  Those in attendance for the official announcement will have the first opportunity to sign up and become involved. These now 14 companies and brands will remain privately owned, managed, and operated by Josie Passantino-Boone and Tinamarie Passantino.

The new registered name for the second parent company is The Josie Music Association. The Josie Music Awards will now be a part of The Josie Music Association, a new parent company created during this expansion, under the guidance of the JMA industry leader panel, which will include the two new subsidiaries being formed to operate under The Josie Music Association.  Also moving under The Josie Music Association parent company is The Independent Country Music Hall of Fame.

During a brief meeting with the press, Josie and Tinamarie said “We are excited about our two parent companies and the directions they will head with our current and upcoming brands.  We are proud to say this will make 12 out of our 14 brands that cost absolutely nothing to independent artists and songwriters who wish to be involved and our new entities will open up an incredible amount of no-cost opportunities for them as well.”  Tinamarie continues “with each new venture our first thought is always on how this can benefit our Josie Network Family.”

The nine other brands will remain under The Josie Network of Brands including many of the initial brands formed such as The Josie Show and Country Blast Radio.  Also, newer brands formed such as Cavalla Records and Indie Star Publishing. Brands unrelated to the music business such as the Confidently Ready Beauty Line will also remain under the same parent company.  

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